Three friends raise up their white wine glasses outside.

34 Instagram Captions For Happy Hour Pics, Because It's Time To Wine Down


After a long day at the office, one of the best ways to boost your spirits is by making happy hour plans with your friends. Happy hour — if you’re 21 or over — is such a treat, because it allows you to break free from your cubicle and chat about anything other than work with your friends. (And let's be honest: Who can pass up a deal on $5 margaritas?) For this joyous occasion, you'll need some Instagram captions for happy hour plans.

Whether you’re going to the pub around the corner or checking out a new spot with seriously Insta-worthy cocktails, you know a selfie or two will be snapped. Not only do you need a drink pic, but you'll want to get a pic of the whole crew together, too. With no more meetings or calendar invites to deal with for the rest of the day, your squad will be smiling from ear to ear.

When you're ready to post those pics, pair any of these 34 happy hour-inspired captions with them. You've already done so much work today, so let these ready-to-use captions help you by making the posting process easier. That way, you can get back to having fun, because happy hour doesn’t last forever, and you should enjoy every minute of it.


1. "Twinkle, twinkle, little star, point us to the nearest bar."

2. "Take a pitcher, it’ll last longer."

3. “Happy hour o’clock.”

4. "Be happy for this moment."

5. "It's beginning to look a lot like cocktails."

6. "Happy hour? I prefer to make every hour happy."

7. "Happy hour views.”

8. "It's my favorite time of day."

9. "Only count the happy hours.”

10. "Cheers to the freakin' weekend." — Rihanna, "Cheers (Drink to That)"

11. "Time to be a hero and rescue some wine trapped in a bottle."

12. "Move over, coffee. Today is a day for champagne."

13. "I believe when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade… and try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party." — Ron White

14. "After work, we hit the gin."

15. "Good vibes happen at happy hour.”

16. "Stop and smell the rosé."


17. "Live every hour like it's happy hour."

18. "Everything happens for a reisling.”

19. "Finish your day sparkling."

20. "Not wine-ing about this situation.”

21. "It’s time to wine down."

22. "You know what rhymes with Friday? Wine."

23. "Every hour deserves to be happy."

24. "Time flies when you're having rum."

25. "Friday called. She’s on her way and she’s bringing wine."

26. "To beer, or not to beer, that is a silly question."

27. "Save water, drink wine."

28. "Wine not?"

29. "A party without champagne is just a meeting."

30. "My happy place.”

31. "Can’t stop to chat. I’m late for a meeting at wine o’clock."

32. "I worked hard all week to put beer on this table."

33. "Frosé kind of day."

34. "Always find time for the things and people who make you happy."

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