Two Black girls pose on a boardwalk near the beach, and throw peace signs up in the air.

34 Insta Captions For Boardwalk Pics & Unforgettable Summer Moments

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Whenever you and your besties hang out on a boardwalk, you may feel like you're in a movie. Teenagers may rush by on their skateboards and couples may stroll past holding hands and laughing at each other's jokes. As golden hour starts to reveal the stars and night sky, you might take it all in and say, "I have to remember this." What better way to capture the magic than with Instagram captions for boardwalk pics and the most unforgettable moments of summer?

That's the beauty of social media. Next to giving you a space to connect with people from around the world, your feed can be like a time capsule for your favorite moments and memories. You can use it to tuck away the inside jokes you made while eating ice cream and trying out a new trick with your roller skates. Your friends can look back on it, too, when they're feeling nostalgic or want to recall the night you spent by the ocean talking about your big dreams and summer crushes.

Putting the best preset packs and editing techniques aside, that's where social media really blooms and make your moments unforgettable. If you head to a boardwalk this summer, be sure to capture the magic and post it with one of these 34 Instagram captions for boardwalk pics.

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1. "You better believe we're hanging out at the boardwalk."

2. "How can you ever be bored on a boardwalk like this?"

3. "I like long walks down the boardwalk."

4. "My happiest hours include a sunset and a boardwalk."

5. "Under the stars, next to the sea."

6. "Greetings from the boardwalk."

7. "This is my favorite part of any season."

8. "Pretending I'm in that scene from 'La La Land.'"

9. "Some moments look like a Taylor Swift song sounds."

10. "Meet me at the ice cream stand on the boardwalk."

11. "This has been my happy place since high school."

12. "Take me to the boardwalk."

13. "Pretty stoked to be on a boardwalk right now."

14. "Love you to the end of the boardwalk and back."

15. "Just out here looking for mermaids."

16. "Golden, boardwalk-loving hours."

17. "Waiting for the sun to set and the moon to rise."

18. "Roller skating my way down the boardwalk."

19. "Life rips when you're skateboarding on the boardwalk."

20. "Boardwalk views, aka lots of seagulls and French fries."

21. "I'd always rather boardwalk than run."

22. "Peace, love, and besties on the boardwalk."

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23. "I'm fully expecting something magical to happen here."

24. "So, this is the boardwalk you keep telling me about..."

25. "I'll send you a postcard from here."

26. "Leave it to a boardwalk to put me in a good mood."

27. "Go for a walk on the boardwalk, babe."

28. "Finally seeing what all this boardwalk hype is about."

29. "Now gathering stars and boardwalk memories."

30. "I've never met a boardwalk I didn't like."

31. "Well, this is straight-up beautiful."

32. "Walking the boardwalk and talking the girl talk."

33. "BRB, taking a quick stroll."

34. "There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy. Boardwalks are one of them."

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