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33 Captions For Taking Your Pup To Work & Capturing The Cutest Content

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Imagine your dream job. It may include perks like a fully-stocked kitchen, cold brew on tap, social activities, an Insta-worthy lounge... and of course, the best of all, it's dog-friendly. Not only is taking your number one fluff to work such a treat, but it also provides adorable photo opps throughout the day. When it's time to bring your furry friend into the office, don't forget to pack some take your dog to work captions as well.

If you've ever brought your dog to work before, or experienced one of your coworkers bring their pup in, you know there's a phenomenon that happens. Everyone's day likely gets a major upgrade when they spot that cute fluff walking into the office. You may notice coworkers who don't normally come out of their offices, out in the hallway playing with your pup. (Also, seeing your sweet pooch sit at a desk "working" is the cutest thing ever.)

When you notice everyone gathering around to play with your pup, that's when all the cellphones come out to snap pics and adorable videos. Use any of these 33 take your dog to work captions for the content you and your coworkers capture. Then, get right back to petting your cute fur baby.


1. "Dachshund over to another meeting."

2. "Thanks fur your quick reply to my email."

3. "You woofn't believe who stole my coffee mug."

4. "It's a fluffy day at the office."

5. "I heard it was take your kid to work day, so I brought my dog."

6. "Let's paws the meeting for a second and look at how cute my dog is."

7. "Another paw-fect day at the office."

8. "Wanna go for a walk and get some coffee?"

9. "Just another day at the paw-fice."

10. "My pup and I are looking quite fetching in our business attire."

11. "Early mornings at the office can be ruff stuff."

12. "Does this meeting have Milk Bones?"

13. "Having a dog paw-ty at the office today."

14. "My dog needs a 'world's best boss' mug."

15. "The office just got a little more Labradorable."

16. "Quit hounding me. I'll send you that email soon."

17. "Any day with you at the office is my favorite day."


18. "Some people have work wives. I have a work dog."

19. "The office pup-arazzi got me again."

20. "Is it paws-ible to send me that report now?"

21. "Thanks fur being my best friend in the office."

22. "Fur my last email..."

23. "Attached you'll find a pic of the cutest dog ever."

24. "My dog agrees that every day should be Friday."

25. "You can pug-get about having a bad day when your dog is at the office."

26. "I love our water cooler barks together."

27. "Got a mug for my pug."

28. "I love bringing my dog to work a pup latte."

29. "Sorry if I don't get much work done today. I'm distracted by this adorable pup."

30. "Sales are through the woof."

31. "I'd like to trans-fur all my calls to my dog today."

32. "My dog has been promoted to assistant branch manager."

33. "Friday becomes Fri-yay when there's a dog at the office."

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