A woman goes in for a kiss, while taking a selfie with her dog at home.

32 Captions For Your Work From Home Selfies That Are So Cozy & Clever


There are many benefits to working from home. First of all, you don't have to change out of your sweatpants if you truly don't want to. Plus, you have your entire apartment to make coziest workspace imaginable. Your WFH setup is the perfect place to snap a cute pic and post with any of these work from home selfie captions.

Just because you're at home, that doesn't mean the #work content needs to stop. You still have coffee breaks on your couch or balcony, and work #OOTDs that need to be seen. So, when you're in dire need of some new WFH content, make sure to snap that mirror selfie in your chic loungewear when you're taking a little break from your screen. Get an adorable pic with your furry coworker — your dog or cat — when they're cuddled close to your laptop. Finally, show off your favorite mug at home while you enjoy your first coffee of the day in a sippin' selfie.

The Instagram-worthy moments are really endless, so seize them whenever you can. There's no excuse now that you have these 32 work from home captions all ready to use to make the posting easy.


1. "My work outfit today is business on top and casual AF on the bottom."

2. "In this office, I never have to worry about someone taking my favorite mug."

3. "My coworker is cuter than yours. [insert dog emoji]"

4. "I also have a sit-stand desk. You see, I sit at my desk, and then I stand up to go sit on the couch."

5. "TFW your Monday morning cubicle is actually your bed."

6. "Just a boss over here who's building her empire."

7. "Let the creativity begin."

8. "Around here, casual Friday is every day."

9. "You really can have it all."

10. "I've got coffee in one hand and confidence in the other."

11. "Welcome to my dream workspace."

12. "I like to work where I also take my naps."

13. "Might be late to work today. There's going to be a lot of traffic from my bed to my desk."

14. "I'm the hardest working person in this office."

15. "I never have to worry about being late for work."

16. "Rumor around the office is I'm employee of the month."

17. "In a serious relationship with this coffee mug."


18. "This the definition of work-life balance."

19. "Yes, I have a desk at home. No, I am never at it."

20. "My commute to the office is pretty rough."

21. "Found yourself a job that truly makes you happy."

22. "This is the one job I don't need a vacation from."

23. "If you need to reach me you can talk to my assistant — aka, my cat."

24. "My work has the best snacks, because I picked them all out."

25. "My favorite meetings are the ones I can wear sweatpants to."

26. "Always remember to mute yourself on conference calls."

27. "If you need me, I'll be on my lunch break."

28. "My dream job is the one I can do from anywhere."

29. "Gonna grab lunch... a few feet away in my kitchen."

30. "Office views. #DontBeJealous"

31. "Note to self: I'm going to make you so proud."

32. "Sorry, I can't send that email right away. My little helper is on my keyboard."