A man proposes to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day while they're laying in bed.

32 Captions For Valentine's Day Proposal Pics That Are Undeniably Cute

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If you or your partner decides to pop the question this Valentine's Day, then your day won't just be filled with chocolate truffles and bouquets of roses. It'll likely include a beautiful engagement ring, a few heartfelt moments, and a reaction that's undeniably priceless. Of course, you'll have tons of new pictures to post, too, along with the cutest and most celebratory captions for Valentine's Day proposal pics.

Either you'll have a photographer lined up for the moment you two get engaged, or some spontaneous selfies on your phone showing off your ring. The pictures will likely get sent in group chats to your besties and family members — who may or may not have known that a proposal was on the way. Your favorite amongst the cheery snap might turn into the latest and greatest background on your phone, or your profile picture.

One thing will definitely be true, though: Everyone who comes across you and your partner getting engaged and sharing a romantic moment will react with a heart eyes emoji or a comment like, "Oh my god, yes!" They'll start crying happy tears on the other side of the screen at the sight of you two kissing on the beach, at your first date spot, or in the middle of gas station like Jim and Pam from The Office.

Make sure you use a cute and celebratory caption on those proposal pics and posts this Valentine's Day. Here are 32 to choose from.

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1. "Meant to be."

2. "So happy and so in love."

3. "I always knew you'd be my forever Valentine."

4. "A Valentine's Day like no other."

5. "The one where we get engaged."

6. "I like it when you propose to me. It’s cute.”

7. "Forever has a nice ring to it."

8. "Do I want to be yours? Always."

9. "First comes love, then comes..."

10. "This might be our most incredible date yet."

11. "Hey, cutie. Let's spend every Valentine's Day together."

12. "Saying 'yes' has never been so easy."

13. "I like our version of 'The Proposal' so much more."

14. "Does this ring make me look...engaged?"

15. "All of my daydreams are coming true."

16. "I swear our love belongs in the movies."

17. "Thanks to you, I believe in soulmates."

18. "Just a general life update: We're engaged!"

19. "You got me all emotional and stuff on Valentine's Day."

20. "You're my everything."

21. "From what I can tell, I'm about to have an endless adventure with my favorite weirdo."

22. "Name a cuter couple this Valentine's Day. I'll wait."

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23. "It's safe to say you won the Valentine's Day gift exchange."

24. "At the end of the day, it's all about who you want to live life with."

25. "My heart's doing cartwheels right about now."

26. "This is the love story we live for."

27. "Forever and always."

28. "Got engaged. How about you?"

29. "To love, laughter, and happily ever after."

30. "Roses and a ring."

31. "Cheers to us, babe."

32. "Best Valentine's Day ever."

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