30 Wet Hair Captions For Any Selfie You're Feelin' This Summer, Because Love Is In The Hair

If you're anything like me, you plan on spending the majority of the summer in the water. Between the pool and the beach, that's where you can find me. I already have a new bikini set to slay, and pulled out my ice cream cone pool inflatable to pose on for the sweetest 'Grams of the year. All that I need next are some wet hair captions for any selfie I plan on taking after a refreshing swim or dip in the ocean.

I don't know about you, but growing up, I always wanted to be a mermaid. I still think I was mermaid to be one, and I owe it all to The Little Mermaid. I'm specifically talking about the iconic moment when Ariel splashes out of the ocean and whips her long hair back. That's a classic shot I always try to recreate in the summer. So when the time comes to post that pic or boomerang on the 'Gram, I'll need the right caption to pair with it.

You also need the right words for any beach day. When you've spent the afternoon surfing the waves or swimming in the sea, you'll want to capture that moment when you're coming out of the water. There may also be times when you get out of the shower, put on a cute tank or oversized tee, and are feeling yourself in your wet hair, beach day glow #lewk. That selfie needs to be posted ASAP to Instagram, and I've assembled these 30 captions for you to choose from. After sharing, you'll start to see the likes rolling in faster than your hair can air dry.

1. "Salty hair, don't care."

2. "Find me under the palms all summer long."

3. "Ocean air, salty hair."

4. "Love is in the hair."

5. "Life isn't perfect, but your hair can be."

6. "Life is short. Make each hair flip fabulous."


7. "My mood depends on how good my hair looks."

8. "Perfecting my hair flip."

9. "I was mermaid for wet hair and sunny beach days."

10. "Your hair tells a lot about you. Make sure it's telling the right story."

11. "Damn, I look fabulous."

12. "Find someone who treats you as well as the beach treated my hair."


13. "Stepping out of the water feeling like a goddess."

14. "Water you doing?"

15. "Seas the day."

16. "Hope your weekend looked a little bit like this."

17. "I'm a queen crowned in my curls."

18. "Can be reached on my shellphone."

Dima Sidelnikov/Shutterstock

19. "Wet hair, don't care."

20. "Mermaid for the beach."

21. "Wish I could be part of that world." — Jodi Benson, "Part of Your World"

22. "Great hair. Because you only get one first impression."

23. "Lettin' my hair do the talking."

24. "The ocean and my hair are waving hello."


25. "Pretty salty about not being a mermaid."

26. "Do not disturb. Perfecting my resting beach face."

27. "Just going with the flow."

28. "There she glows."

29. "My hair is always camera-ready."

30. "Life is simple. Just add water."