A happy blonde woman holds her nephew and some balloons for his birthday party.

30 Sweet Captions For Your Nephew's Birthday & Being A Proud Aunt


You're not just a regular aunt — you're a cool aunt — and it's all thanks to your adorably wonderful nephew. The minute he was born, your life got a million times cuter, joyful, and eventful. Not only did you become an aunt, but you felt this sudden sense of responsibility to give him everything he could ever want. It's your duty to spoil him, and with his birthday coming up, you know the first thing you plan on doing is posting as many pics as you can of him with some Instagram captions for your nephew's birthday.

Your Instagram post is like your not-to-subtle reminder to your friends that today is a very important day, and everyone should wish your favorite person a happy birthday. With just the right words, you can convey how much you love your nephew and how honored you are to be his aunt.

If you have a birthday party to attend to, you might not have the time to come up with a caption on your own. That's where these 30 Instagram captions for your nephew will come in handy. Whether you go with something sweet or funny, your little nephew will love whatever his favorite aunt has to say.


1. "Remember, every time your parents say you can't, all you have to do is call your cool aunt."

2. "My plans for today are eat, sleep, spoil you, and repeat."

3. "Proud aunt over here!"

4. "Happy birthday to the kid who stole all my attention the minute you were born."

5. "Happy birthday to my smart, talented, and adorable nephew. Clearly, you took after me."

6. "Coolest nephew in the world award right here."

7. "Twinning."

8. "For your birthday, I only ask that you please stop growing up so fast."

9. "Your birthday is also the anniversary of when I got my favorite job title as 'cool aunt.'"

10. "Hey, nephew. You are my favorite little person."

11. "My favorite thing is spending time with this little guy."

12. "Who knew my best friend would end up being a little kid?"

13. "Someone I love was born today."

14. "I never believed in love at first sight, but then, you were born and you had my whole heart."

15. "I don't even care if you have cake all over your face, you're still the cutest person in the world."


16. "Don't tell my sister, but I'm going to spoil the heck out of you!"

17. "Let's do all the things you want to do today."

18. "When I see you, my eyes turn into little hearts."

19. "Happy birthday to my nephew who doesn't have an Instagram, but I'm still letting everyone know it's his big day."

20. "Happy birthday to this little man who can make my day better with just a smile."

21. "I'm not just your aunt... I will forever be your best friend."

22. "Happy birthday to the boy who stole my heart and calls me Auntie."

23. "May you have every slice of cake you want today."

24. "Being related to you is a gift to me."

25. "Happiness is having a nephew like you."

26. "Attention, everyone. Here is a pic of the coolest kid you will ever meet."

27. "I tried buying you every toy in the store, but my credit card said, 'no.'"

28. "All the heart eyes for this one."

29. "I would have baked you a cake if I knew how to use my oven."

30. "Today is the best day ever because you were born."