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30 Valentine's Day Captions For Your Cat When You're One Smitten Kitten

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When choosing your perfect Valentine every year for Valentine's Day, I always come down to just one — and that's my cat. She's consistently there for me, always ready to provide the fluffiest cuddles, and has the sweetest face I've ever seen. It's no competition, and this year, I have a feeling she's going to be my number one again. When you think of your cat, it feels like Cupid has struck you with an arrow; you can't help but be filled with so much love. That's why you need Instagram captions for your cat on Valentine's Day.

When everyone else is posting selfies with bae, you can join in on the fun with an adorable snap of you and your number one feline. Though, picking out the best one to post on the 'Gram can be a serious struggle. I can tell you now that 90 percent of my phone storage is taken up with cute snaps of my fur baby. The internet loves all things cats, and I'm ready to give them what they want.

If you have plans to spend Feb. 14 with your cat, don't forget to stop by the store for some Valentine's Day treats. Then, plan a special night with your cat filled with cuddles and head scratches while you watch a movie together. When you select the purrfect pic, share it seamlessly with any of these 30 cat captions I've assembled for you.

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1. "I'm feline a connection here."

2. "My Valentine is the cat's meow."

3. "Having the purrfect night with my Valentine."

4. "My cat takes up my whole heart just like she takes up the whole keyboard whenever I'm using it."

5. "I slow blink for you, kitty."

6. "If you don't think my Valentine is the cutest, you've got to be kitten me right meow."

7. "You are the cat's pajamas."

8. "Having a pawesome time with my favorite kitty."

9. "The snuggle is real right here."

10. "Will you be my Meowentine?"

11. "I'm one smitten kitten."

12. "I meow you too."

13. "Kitty, you are the loaf of my life."

14. "Be mine, Meowentine."

15. "I love you more than catnip."

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16. "I will love you meow and furever."

17. "This is definitely an ‘I’ll let you take up the whole bed’ kind of love."

18. "Guess what? Cat butt. Happy Valentine's Day."

19. "You amewse me, kitty."

20. "You occupy my heart like you occupy most of the bed."

21. "When I'm with mew, I'm feline good."

22. "Felt cute. Sat next to my cat and felt even cuter."

23. "I'd spend nine lives with you, Valentine."

24. "Name a cuter Valentine… I’ll wait."

25. "And I will pawlways love you."

26. "I think my Valentine is really purrty."

27. "All you need is love... and a cat."

28. "I need my cat just as much as my cat kneads me."

29. "If I can't bring my cat out, I'm not going."

30. "Get you a Valentine who’s happy with just a cardboard box."

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