Pretty bridesmaids surround stunning bride posing in silk pink robes

30 Instagram Captions For Bridesmaid Robe Pics & Getting Ready On The Big Day


You've been through every stage of the wedding planning process. Now, the big day is officially here. Your friend is getting married, and as bridesmaid, it's your duty to be by her side. The entire day will be filled with excitement and happy tears. But before the ceremony begins, you have quality BFF time with the bride when everyone is getting glam. You know a group selfie is necessary, and Instagram captions for bridesmaid robes are crucial for when you want to share your snaps.

My best friend's wedding day went by way too fast, and I cherished the time we spent together getting ready. We all put in our Starbucks orders and had our drinks delivered with our roles labeled on the cups. We took time sharing the bathroom mirror while having a stylist do our hair. I completely soaked up those last moments I had with my bestie before she officially became a Mrs. It seems like it was just a blimp of a moment on such a huge day, but it made a lasting impact on my heart.

Picking out matching robes is a way to make the getting ready process even more special. When you're looking that cute with your crew, a group selfie is so necessary. Since you'll be too busy putting on the finishing touches to your makeup, I've assembled these 30 bridesmaid captions for you to choose from. (Some of them are perfect for the bride, while others are great for the bridesmaids.)


1. "There's no better 'I do' crew than you."

2. "On wedding day, we wear pink."

3. "I can't marry my person without my sisters."

4. "Getting ready with my bride squad."

5. "This is squad goals right here."

6. "We're all #twinning today."

7. "You glow girl."

8. "We came. We saw. We contoured."

9. "I could never say, 'I do' without you."

10. "Friends who slay together, stay together."

11. "Give me my robe, put on my crown." — William Shakespeare

12. "Wearing robes like we're queens."

13. "You can't sit with us." — Mean Girls

14. "Bridesmaid for a day, but best friend for life."

15. "'Too much glitter,' said no one ever."


16. "Get you a crew that will wearing matching robes. No questions asked."

17. "Classy and sassy."

18. "Too glam to give a damn."

19. "A bridesmaid's superpowers include loyalty, humor, and being able to help you get ready."

20. "There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends who become family."

21. "She said, 'yes,' so I did too."

22. "You can never have too much happiness."

23. "Together is a beautiful place to be."

24. "You glow differently when you're really happy."

25. "Joy is the best makeup." — Anne Lamott

26. "We can get ready in five minutes. We just need an hour to do it."

27. "Got a picture before all the happy crying starts."

28. "I'm so happy to be by your side."

29. "I'm ready to party!" — Bridesmaids

30. "It's wedding day. But first, coffee."