A young woman stands in front of a beautiful view of a temple and Fuji Mountain in Japan.

30 Captions For Traveling To Japan & Taking A Once In A Lifetime Trip

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Whether you're headed across the Pacific Ocean to see the cherry blossom trees bloom on the streets of Tokyo, or to catch #views of the spectacular Mount Fuji, you need captions for traveling to Japan. If you didn't already know, based on the hefty flight that basically begs you to purchase a first class plane ticket, this is a "once in a lifetime" trip. It's a bucket list-worthy excursion that should be documented whenever possible.

Of course, if you're traveling to visit the ancient temples or walk down the streets that are loaded with colorful signs and games, you're going to want to put your phone down. Being part of the sights and sounds will be your top priority, as well as locating the best places to grab a bite. You'll want to be a respectful traveler, and learn everything about the Fushimi Inari Taisha, a shrine that you've likely seen all over Instagram.

After all, when are you going to hop across the ocean again? Odds are, there are other places on your bucket list you'll check off first before checking into a dreamy hotel in a major city like Kyoto or Osaka. After you soak up every experience, snap a few pics so you don't forget all the memories you made and then post them on the 'Gram with one of these 30 captions. Then, get back to this otherworldly trip.

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1. "Greetings from Japan."

2. "I can't seem to get the beauty of Tokyo off my mind."

3. "Can I take one of these cherry blossom trees home?"

4. "I've never met a mountain I didn't like."

5. "This might be our grandest adventure yet."

6. "Finding paradise in the streets of Japan."

7. "Cherry blossom dreamin'."

8. "This trip was so worth the long flight."

9. "Up in the clouds, looking at beautiful mountains."

10. "Doing this sweet thing called exploring Japan."

11. "Thank u, next bowl of ramen."

12. "All the heart eyes for street games and glowing lights."

13. "Never coming home. Staying in Osaka forever."

14. "Eating all the goodies in Japan."

15. "Best friends who explore Japan together, stay together."

16. "Just me and a bunch of cherry blossom trees."

17. "But first, let's sip matcha in Japan."

18. "Kiss me under the cherry blossoms."

19. "You, me, and a cup of Japanese tea."

20. "One with the cherry blossoms."


21. "From one stunning temple to the next."

22. "Sushi and sight-seeing, please!"

23. "Happiness is going on a sushi date in Japan."

24. "I wish you could taste this picture from Japan."

25. "Be the girl who decided to go to Japan and check something off her bucket list."

26. "You'll never know how beautiful the world can be until you go and see it for yourself."

27. "The sushi is calling, so I need to go."

28. "All she does is see the sights, sights, sights."

29. "The more matcha, the merrier."

30. "Having the time of my life in Japan."

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