A woman in a bright pink jacket ties her ice skates while skating at a rooftop ice skating rink.

These Captions For Rooftop Ice Skating Will Make Your Heart Melt

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Once the holidays are over and every present under the tree is unwrapped, you might start focusing on winter fun. You may research the snowy excursions you can embark on over the next few months, or the trendy spots where you can soak up a dreamy skyline and gracefully glide on a thick layer of ice. For those excursions, you'll need some clever captions for rooftop ice skating that'll seriously make your heart melt.

This experience isn't like any other. (It's not like driving to your local rink and renting a pair of blades.) That's because ice skating on the rooftop of Pier 17 in New York City amongst the huge skyscrapers, or at Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers, where you go on a skate date and watch the sun set, is entirely breathtaking and unique.

From the moment you put on your mittens, hit the ice, and glance at the #views, you'll likely feel a rush of adrenaline and know that you're doing something bucket list-worthy. You'll want to grab your phone and take a ton of pics of the new memories you're making so you never forget them. Of course, after you snap those pics, you'll want to share them on social media. Use one of these 30 clever captions for rooftop ice skating and create a post that'll make your followers' hearts melt.

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1. "Just ice skating on a rooftop. How about you?"

2. "Hey, it's winter. So let's go rooftop ice skating."

3. "Not your average ice skating adventure."

4. "Well, would you look at that #view."

5. "This adventure is beautiful, but cold."

6. "Love you to the rink on the rooftop and back."

7. "I've never met a rooftop I didn't like."

8. "Some experiences are worth bundling up for."

9. "Gliding through winter like..."

10. "Taking our ice skating skills to the (roof)top."

11. "You can find me ice skating on a rooftop all winter long."

12. "Having an ice time on this rooftop with my BFFs."

13. "Falling all over the ice for you, babe."

14. "I like this rooftop rink. It's cute."

15. "The perfect ice skating rink doesn't exi-."

16. "I can see my apartment from here."

17. "Sunsets are better when you're wearing ice skates."

18. "The one where they go ice skating on a rooftop."

19. "Fell a lot, but still had fun."

20. "Feelin' as tall as the skyscrapers."


21. "Up in the clouds, having another adventure."

22. "Ice skating my way through winter."

23. "Bright lights and a sparkly rink."

24. "Skating is best in a concrete jungle."

25. "Wanderlust and winter bucket list things."

26. "Winter made me do it."

27. "Can we ice skate everywhere we go?"

28. "City skies and ice skating with my boo."

29. "Too cool for regular ice skating rinks."

30. "Who knew winter could be snow much fun?"

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