A man cuddles and takes a nap with a dog on the couch.

30 Captions For Pics Of Bae With Your Dog That Are Impawsibly Cute

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There's nothing sweeter than catching your partner cuddling close to your pawtner. That's when you need to snap away as soon as possible, and post your pics with some captions for pics of your dog with your partner.

Maybe you walk into the living room and see your partner and pup taking a nap on the couch, or you catch them playing fetch in the park. Those moments may come when you least expect them, so you have to be prepared to capture them. Having your phone with you at all times so you can snap right away is key. However, having the right words for your caption is also necessary.

You may have dealt with writers block before, where you put down your phone to think and forgot to post altogether. Don't let the lack of a creative caption idea stop you. When your pup and bae are being too cute for words, let this list of caption ideas fill in the blank for you. Just use any of these 30 cute captions for your snap so you can post with ease.

1. "This is my definition of puppy love."

2. "Thanks fur loving my dog as much as I love you."

3. "Warning: Cuteness overload in this pic."

4. "My faves."

5. "I will always woof you."

6. "I didn't think it was paws-ible to love you more, but here's proof that it is."


7. "If my dog likes you, I love you."

8. "My heart."

9. "Howl are you going to look at this pic and not like it?

10. "You're my furever bae."

11. "This is a tail-wag-worthy snap."

12. "You can hear the 'aww' just by looking at this pic."

13. "I found the most paw-fect picture in existence."

14. "Get you a bae who cuddles with your pup like this."

15. "Caught my baes sleeping."

16. "Here's something to turn your ruff day around."

17. "It's im-paw-sible to find a cuter pic than this."


18. "This is not posed. I just walked in on them being this cute. I Shih Tzu not."

19. "I like my dog more than people. You're an exception."

20. "These two know the way to my heart."

21. "I Labrador them so much."

22. "I look at them and my heart melts."

23. "I love them furry much."

24. "You stole my heart, and I'm not looking to retriever it anytime soon."

25. "These two, though."

26. "I love it when my best friends get along."

27. "No bones about it, I love you."

28. "Life's a ball when you're around."

29. "As the photographer, I'll take all the credit for this adorbs photo."

30. "Feeling quite dapper."

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