3 Zodiac Signs Who Take Risks In Bed & Are Down To Get Naughty

Have you ever dated someone you really liked and thought had real potential for a long-term relationship, only to discover they were a total letdown in bed? It's a huge bummer. If only there were some way to know what someone is likely to be like sexually without having to actually have sex with them. Since all that happens behind closed doors (unless maybe you're a exhibitionistic Sagittarius, that is), chances are the only hint you'll get of someone's sexual style may lie in astrology. By knowing which zodiac signs who take risks in bed and are the most exciting, can help you get a sneak peek at what may be waiting for you under their sheets in the future.

While all the signs of the zodiac have the potential to be mind-blowing lovers, some just naturally have the characteristics that increase the likelihood that they are willing to really go there and get extra freaky. For some, it's about having confidence, and for others it's just natural curiosity and a desire to push the sexual envelope. Whatever the case may be, when you are looking for a true freak in the sheets, look no further than these sexually adventurous signs.

LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22)

Ruled by the sun, this sign is sexually dominant, adventurous, and unapologetic about their desires. Leo is just forever passionate about life, love, and new experiences, and it doesn’t hurt that when they are getting busy they are guaranteed to have all the attention they crave lavished on them. So, of course this ultra-confident and uninhibited sign isn’t afraid to put on a show you’ll never forget in the boudoir. Role play and stripteases are definitely on the agenda with a Leo.


It hardly comes as a shock that Scorpio makes the list of the most adventurous sexual partners in the zodiac, because this is by far the most passionate sign. Scorpio lives to get busy, and why wouldn't they when they are just so very good at it. They are natural leaders who love to take their partner in bedroom activity to new, exciting, and maybe even a little bit dangerous destinations. While some signs might be too shy to follow their riskiest desires, Pluto-ruled Scorpio is so confident in their natural magnetism and charisma that they aren't worried at all about getting their partner to play along. Just remember to set a safe word, because with Scorpio you’re going to need one.


For a unique sign like Aquarius, anything safe, expected, and traditional is boring and this comes through loud and clear the in bedroom, where experimentation and the unexpected is key. You know all those sex positions you read about and think, who does that? The answer is Aquarius, who either has or wants to try them all and just may have invented a few new sex positions of their very own. While all the signs of the zodiac enjoy a good sex toy, Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus — which is associated with technology — has got them beat on the sheer number and diversity of toys in their toy box. So, don't be surprised when, halfway through a romp with them, they open a drawer full of leather and latex and take things to the next level.

While you can never really know what someone is like in bed until you hop into one with them, at least now you know what you can likely expect with these extra sexually adventurous signs. Lucky you.