3 Zodiac Signs Who Struggle To Open Up About Their Emotions


Let's face it — expressing difficult emotions is one of the most challenging and ongoing parts of being vulnerable. Even if you and your partner already have a deep emotional bond, talking openly about your feelings might not always come naturally. Funnily enough, the zodiac signs who struggle to talk about their emotions are also the signs known for being the most emotionally aware. Although it may seem counterintuitive, it's important to acknowledge the difference between being emotionally intelligent and being able to talk freely about your deepest fears or insecurities. Here are three signs that may find it difficult to open up about the things that bother them.


When it comes to processing emotions, Cancers are known for possessing a deep sense of personal awareness and intuition. However, when it comes to proudly proclaiming how they feel at any given moment, crabs often worry that they will be ridiculed or seen as weak if they reveal too much of their complex inner lives. "Cancers are very sensitive and will retreat into their shell if they fear rejection or being misunderstood," Lisa Barretta, an astrologer and author of Conscious Ink, previously told Bustle. "They usually wind up crying when they express their feelings since they feel things so deeply."



The quintessential Scorpio is known for being sexy, mysterious, and brooding. As a fellow water sign, Scorpio deals with emotions in a similar way as Cancer but for different reasons. They aren't necessarily worried about being judged or ridiculed, however, their deeply ingrained "lone wolf" mentality reinforces their belief that most people can't handle their truth. That's why they often choose to keep their innermost feelings to themselves. "Scorpios are secretive and intense," explained Barretta. "Here you find someone who would rather watch and observe the feelings of others rather than freely express their own."


On the surface, Aquarians are open individuals who have a healthy relationship with their feelings. However, their maturity and self-control mean they often don't see the value in getting bogged down by messy or emotional conversations. An Aquarius may even feel empowered by the fact that their emotions rarely get the best of them. "It's not that they are impersonal but they don't like fussy, high drama situations," agreed Barretta. "They prefer to remain cool and calm while others try to guess what they are thinking."

Even though being completely transparent with your partner about what's going on inside might be a struggle for some, allowing yourself to feel uncomfortable for the sake of being honest can be an extremely cathartic experience. Sharing these parts of yourself can also help strengthen and deepen the bond you share.