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These 3 Zodiac Signs Would Be Happy Being Single Forever


There's no denying that being in a healthy relationship has the potential to enhance life in so many amazing ways. However, not everyone is looking for a ride or die. Although single life often gets a bad rap, the freedom and independence that come with flying solo can be just as fulfilling as having a partner. The zodiac signs who love single life thrive on having plenty of space to fully explore their identity. They find casual dating to be full of fun adventures and experiences, and don't mind if a fling doesn't develop into something more. Here are the signs that could be single for the long haul without batting an eye.


There's nothing a Leo loves more than being the center of their own universe. Even though they often get labeled as egotistical, an evolved Leo knows themselves well enough to realize that they need a lot of attention — perhaps more than a single partner can give them. Being free from commitment allows them to enjoy the romantic attention of a wide array of different people. As long as they are being honest with their casual partners and FWB about their disinterest in settling down, there's absolutely nothing wrong with roaming free.


Pisces are known for their limitless imaginations and psychic intuition. These creative souls are deeply connected to their inner world and love spending time alone — so much so that it's easy for them to get lost in their thoughts, daydreams, and various art projects. With so much going on in their lives (and heads), Pisces may not crave ongoing companionship as strongly as a more social sign. That's not to say they don't enjoy mixing and mingling, but it takes an out-of-this-world kind of connection with someone to get their attention and keep it. For this reason, a Pisces could easily devote their life to their passions and not miss having a long-term partner.



When it comes to dating, Virgos are often chasing the idea of a perfect SO that doesn't exist. They have a strong sense of self and are rarely interested in dating someone who doesn't meet their (almost) unattainably high standards. Virgos learn the importance of embracing singledom early in life. From their perspective, it doesn't make sense to give their time and energy to someone unless they're certain it will work out. Unfortunately, this rigidity means that they often pass up great romantic prospects while holding out for "the one." And even though they know deep down that they're not going to find an SO who's perfect in every way, the hopeless romantic in them wants to try.

Despite the societal stigma against perpetually single people, being single comes with just as many perks as being in a relationship. If your personality type values independence, freedom, and alone time above all else, chances are you're single and loving it. So, keep doing you.