3 Zodiac Signs Headed For A Breakup This Summer, So Guard Your Heart

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To me, the word summer basically equals freedom. The nights are long and everyone is out of hibernation and ready to celebrate the season. It's also when great uncuffing happens every year. Folks who paired up to weather the winter suddenly realize they need a little — wait, scratch that — a lot more space. Which means not every relationship is going to survive the summer months. One way to predict if this is going to be a season of uncoupling for you is by looking to the stars to see the zodiac signs headed for a breakup this summer so you can guard your heart if your astrological sign seems destined for singledom.

While learning your sign is facing some relationship trouble this summer may not exactly be welcome news — to say the least — there is at least a bit of a silver lining, and it's that there is no time like summertime to find yourself single again. So while this may not be the best news, at least it's a great time of year to embrace your freedom while getting back out there and maybe even meeting someone new. Here's which signs' relationships are going to cool down just as the weather heats up this summer.

Cancer (June 21 To July 22)

While Cancer typically prefers to be coupled up, this summer is going to be all about self-discovery — and embracing your independence. It may be a confusing time for this emotional water sign, but hang there, because a July solar eclipse will coincide with a personal epiphany about who and what you want moving forward. “Evidence that you’re exploring your independence and partnering this year is a set of eclipses occurring in your sign and partnership sector all year and until mid-2020,” writes Cafe Astrology. “Eclipses in your partnership sector along with big players Saturn and Pluto in that area of your chart means it’s big news for learning about what and who you want in your life. This can be a make-or-break period for many Cancers’ relationships!”

Scorpio (Oct. 23 To Nov. 21)

Like Cancer, this summer is going to be all about turning inward and doing some serious self-discovery for Scorpio. While a single Scorpio’s MO is usually to be on the hunt for partners, for the next few months this sign is going to be too busy considering the bigger picture to engage in any real seduction. Some of this is spurred, Cafe Astrology explains, by Neptune’s influence. “Neptune is a long-term guest in your romance sector, which tends to bring a transcendent quality to your casual relationships, but it can be a confusing influence at times.” That’s why now is the perfect time to do some serious soul searching before settling down again.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 To Dec. 21)

For the normally optimistic and upbeat Sagittarius, this summer is going to feel a bit strange. With Jupiter in retrograde all summer, Sagittarius is going to experience an unfamiliar sense of unease, which can lead to cutting ties on relationships and looking to get back to themselves to find their equilibrium. But as Cafe Astrology writes, this isn’t all bad news: “This can feel much like a rebirth!” Now is the time to focus on getting a bit more me time and embracing your free spirit. Winter will come soon enough, and with it another chance to cozy up with someone new or reconnect with the one who got away.

While breakups can be hard, it's always good to remember that every ending is a new beginning — and it never hurts when that new beginning just happens to land in the summer when you can take the most advantage of it.

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