'The Old Guard' will likely get a sequel from Netflix and the comics reveal what's next.

Here's What That 'The Old Guard' Ending Could Mean For A Possible Sequel


There's one pressing question that everyone who watched Netflix's new action flick The Old Guard was left with after finishing the movie: Will there be a sequel? Up until the very last moment, the film seemed to come to a pretty nice, satisfying ending, but then one final scene introduced a major twist that demands a follow-up. While Netflix has yet to officially pick up a second movie, these theories about The Old Guard sequel should give fans a good idea of what to expect for Andy, Nile, and the rest of the immortals.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Netflix's The Old Guard and alludes to storylines in the follow-up comics The Old Guard: Force Multiplied. While fans will still have to wait for an official announcement from Netflix to be sure a sequel is coming, it kind of already seems like a sure thing. Not only did the movie end with an obvious opening for a follow-up, but also, Netflix tweeted the film had already become one of its most popular movies ever within days of its release.

On top of all that, there's already a full plot for the sequel that's been published. The Old Guard is adapted from a five-issue 2017 comic book series of the same name, and writer Greg Rucka has plans for the comics to be a trilogy. The second arc, titled The Old Guard: Force Multiplied, released its fifth and final issue five days after the movie premiered on Netflix, so readers already have a pretty good idea of what a potential film sequel will be about. Then again, the movie did make some big changes from the comic books, so fans can't be too sure a sequel would follow the exact plot of Force Multiplied. Here are some of the major theories and things to expect from a follow-up movie:


1. Quynh will be the new villain.

The big cliffhanger that sets up a The Old Guard sequel is Quynh's surprising return, so of course she would have to be a central part of the next movie. As her brief cameo suggests, she's probably not back as an ally. After all, Andy did leave her friend submerged under the ocean to constantly die for centuries, so yeah... she might hold a bit of a grudge. This theory is basically a foregone conclusion already, since Quynh serves as the main antagonist to the Old Guard in the Force Multiplied series. Driven mad by her centuries of torture, she seeks the ultimate revenge on Andy in the follow-up comics, and a sequel film will almost assuredly explore that same drive.

2. Andy will get her immortality back.

The Old Guard movie's pivotal change from the comics was having Andy lose her immortality at the end, and including a change that major means there could be another huge change to the story in a sequel. In the comics, it remains true that the immortals can eventually die at some point, but Andy herself did not lose her immortality. That presents a bit of an issue for a potential sequel, since Andy relies on her immortality a lot in the Force Multiplied arc. In particular, the comic-book follow-up ends with a situation in which Andy really needs to be immortal to survive, so unless the movie team is planning on killing Andy off, they may find a way to restore her immortality in the sequel.

3. Another Old Guard member will lose their immortality.

The first movie set up the concept of an Old Guard warrior losing their immortality, so a sequel will likely explore that game-changing mystery even more. The big question of how these specific people became immortal and why that immortality leaves them seemingly at random still looms large over the series, and seeing another member of the team face death could be the best way to get more answers. Booker seems like a prime option for this, since he's now embroiled with Quynh and already has a death wish, but the sequel could also up the romantic tragedy by having Joe or Nicky come to terms with possibly losing one another after so many years of love.

Netflix has yet to announce a sequel for The Old Guard, and if a follow-up is greenlit, it likely won't hit the streaming service until 2022.