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3 Tarot Cards That Mean A Breakup May Be Coming

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Your partner texted you, but you have no idea what to say back. You've been fighting for a while now, and communicating feels stressful. While your friends are amazing, you just need some alone time to really process your feelings. As you light your sage and reach for your deck, you think about the tarot cards that mean a breakup is coming. While tarot can't guarantee everything that's going to happen in your future, the cards can be insightful as you sort through all your emotions.

The end of a relationship can feel completely overwhelming. Falling in love and building a life with someone is a beautiful thing, and realizing that you and your partner are on totally different wavelengths can fill your head with questions. Are your needs getting met? Do you want to work it out? Is it maybe time to be single for a while? Whether you and your partner have been fighting for a while or you're noticing that you've just been drifting apart over time, knowing when to walk away is never easy.

And if you're looking for some extra insight, here are the three tarot cards that may mean it's time to take a break from love.

Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords symbolizes the culmination of something. Pulling it means hitting the end the road, getting to the last episode of your latest Netflix marathon, and finally finishing that family-sized bottle of body wash you got at Marshall's. If you and your boo have been fighting for a while or you've sensed that something was off, this card may mean that it's time to take some time and space for yourself. You've done all you can in this relationship, and it may be time to let it go. Of course, it's not all bleak — this card usually means that the hardest parts have ended or are ending, and that future is looking bright.

Six of Pentacles

Pulling the Six of Pentacles can mean that there is an imbalance in your relationship. Whether you're in it for the long haul and your partner wants to see other people, or they're super into you, and you're not sure how you feel — this card can mean that something is a little emotionally off. Maybe you want to spend more time with your boo, but they really value their alone time. Perhaps your boo likes to text during the day, and you hate being on your phone. While the Six of Pentacles can be about finding compromise, it may be a signal that it's time for a change. You and your boo deserve to be in the types of relationships that you want to be in, whether that's with each other or someone new.

The Tower

The Tower is all about huge surprise endings that you never saw coming and are totally out of your control. Fun, right? In all seriousness, while the Tower can symbolize something like your partner calling it quits out of nowhere, it can also symbolize a big shift that's about to happen. While these changes may appear like the worst thing ever, the Tower means getting rid of what's no longer serving you to make room for better and more fulfilling things. It's all about reassessing what you thought you wanted, and learning what you actually need from your relationships.

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