These Super Blue Blood Moon Rituals Will Help You Manifest Like A Goddess

Whether you have every aspect of the moon phase calendar memorized by heart or the extent of your new age knowledge is knowing a few general things about the one rose quartz crystal you own, chances are you’ve heard all about the upcoming super blue blood moon on Jan. 31, 2018. If you’re the former, you’re probably connecting all the dots between the occurrences in your life and the extraordinary promise the eclipse brings. If you’re the latter, well, you might just be thinking it’ll be a great night to step outside and bask in the glowing red moon with a few loved ones. Either way, it’ll be a night for some serious introspection and these super blue blood moon rituals will do just the trick.

Jan. 31 will be a night of compounded lunar activity, with the influence of blue moon, blood moon, and super moon all coming together to shoot lightning bolts into everyone’s path. It might give you just the right amount of shock you’ve been needing to get sh*t done or burn all your hard work to a crisp. Eclipses are about opening new doors and closing old ones. It’s a marker for the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another. If you guide all your intentions into one of these three rituals, chances are that the stars will notice them even more. Do them alone or gather some friends together for even more power. It's sure to be a night for the books.

Cleansing Ritual

Do you simply want to start fresh and wipe the slate clean from all your stressful thoughts and feelings? This cleansing ritual will help the eclipse guide you there. Here's what you'll need:

  • One sage smudge stick
  • One white candle
  • One bowl of salt water

The ritual: Create an altar (a table works just fine) and leave all your ingredients in its center. Light the sage smudge stick and allow the smoke to fill every corner of your home, using a fan to move the smoke into hard-to-reach places if you must. Once you are finished, open up at least one window in each room and imagine that as the smoke leaves your home, so does all the stress, worry, and anxiety your space has been harboring.

Return to your altar and light the white candle. As the flame takes hold on the wick, visualize a white light glowing around your toes, then slowly moving through your legs, through your torso, over your heart, your neck, until the light is surrounding you completely. Let your heart be filled with a newness, a fresh start, a cleansing.

Dip your fingers into the bowl of salt water and recite:

With this eclipse, I am made new again.

I am untarnished, whole, and true.

There is nothing weighing me down,

I am free to fly and break through.

To complete the ritual, allow the candle to burn all the way through.

Blessing Ritual

Do you want to infuse your life with more luck? Do you have a project or goal in mind that could use a little extra blessing? Do you perhaps want to bless someone else? This ritual is perfect for you on Jan 31. You’ll need:

  • One white candle
  • Cinnamon, sage, or orange essential oil
  • Photo(s) of whoever is being blessed
  • One marker/pen

The ritual: Anoint your wrists and heart with the essential oil. Take your marker and write the name of whoever is being blessed on the candle. It can be one person or multiple people. Now, light the candle. As the flame takes hold, pick up the photo(s) and as you hold them, imagine whoever you are blessing moving upwards into the night sky. Maybe they’re sitting on the moon, looking down at the world, or maybe the moon is making them float amongst the stars. This is your daydream, and allow the image to alter and change. Just make sure to envision the stars, planets, and moon infusing you or your loved one with magic and luck. Allow the feeling to comfort you. Whenever you’re ready, recite:

I am made of stardust and magic,

this fact will always be a relief.

The luck the moon brings me,

is strengthening beyond belief.

End the ritual by allowing the candle to burn all the way through. Leave the photo(s) in a safe place you can return to every day and remember this ritual.

Banishing Ritual

Has there been a negative force in your life draining all your energy? Is there someone you wish would leave you alone? Is there something you wish you could move on from? A banishing ritual is just the message you want to send to the super blue blood Moon. You’ll need:

  • One black candle
  • One basil incense stick/cone
  • Paper and pen

The ritual: Light the incense and the black candle. Take the pen and paper and write down, in whatever way you see fit, what exactly it is that you want to banish. It can be as long as a whole page or as long as one word. You could also draw an image that represents it. Now, imagine your life without it. Truly take the time to envision how much better your life is now that whatever you’re banishing is no longer part of it. You are free and they are part of the past.

Now, recite:

The past will remain the past

and the future is just beginning.

The shackles that were binding me

are broken. Now,

I am set free.

To complete this ritual, allow the incense and candle to burn all the way through.