These Myers-Briggs personality types excel at quarantine dating.
These 3 Personality Types Make Quarantine Dating Look Oh So Easy

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The truth is, dating during a pandemic simply isn't for everyone. There are some who shudder at the thought of getting to know someone virtually and having to come up with creative FaceTime date ideas. On the other hand, there are certain Myers-Briggs personality types who excel at quarantine dating — and I'm not just talking about the ones who are most likely to stock up on snacks or make a mean quarantini (though both are major bonuses, TBH).

Here's the thing: Every single personality type has their own strengths in quarantine. ISFPs will show immense compassion, ENFJs will act as your own personal cheerleader by motivating you to be productive, and ESTJs will make sure you're prepared for literally any possible scenario with all the essentials. Resourceful ESTPs, meanwhile, will come up with inventive new ways to bond, and ENFPs will keep you endlessly entertained on FaceTime simply by being their charismatic selves.

All that said, there are some types who seem to be handling quarantine dating like total pros all around. And those types all have one major thing in common: grade-A communication skills — which are obviously super important when you aren't able to meet up IRL. Since they're good at consistently checking in, they're able to keep building momentum in forming a connection with you, even if you haven't left your respective apartments to hang in person. So, looking for a new quarantine boo? Then keep an eye out for these personality types, who are totally crushing the whole dating during a pandemic thing.


Think an introvert wouldn't crush quarantine dating? Think again. The Adventurer is known for embracing new experiences, which means they've been able to adapt to these — for lack of a better word, unprecedented — circumstances like a champ. Warm, grounded, and open-minded, they're able to see the potential in any situation, and that includes dating during a pandemic.

They may not be the most reliable when it comes to planning dates, but if you can take the reigns (and be flexible enough on occasions when they're sucked in by a creative project), that shouldn't take away from the fun of getting to know this energetic, passionate personality type. Plus, thanks to their vivid imagination, they may be able to come up with exciting virtual date ideas you'd never have otherwise considered.

Another thing to note about ISFPs is that their empathy runs deep. That means that while they can get easily distracted by their own artistic hobbies and projects, they'll never forget to check in on you to see how you're doing — and they'll also be able to easily sense when you're feeling low and need some cheering up. That kind of emotional support is priceless during quarantine.


Without a doubt, it's The Consul's boundless optimism that makes them a natural at quarantine dating. They just won't let the circumstances get them down, and their zest for life is downright contagious.

The Consul's outgoing, supportive nature is another factor that makes them stand out. Not only do they have excellent people skills — which totally translate over text and video chat — but they're also just warm, sensitive people who leave you with especially good vibes after a virtual chill sesh.

Perhaps one of the ESFJ's greatest dating skills is the energy and thought they put into organizing plans. You can count on them to have a seemingly endless list of unique and interesting date ideas, rather than relying on mere conversation to keep you occupied. Also, thanks to their strong Judging tendencies, you can rest assured that they'll not only lock down these plans in advance but follow up to confirm and call when they say they're going to.

Even if you do just end up talking on your virtual dates, though, The Consul can chat for hours — and they're super versatile and adaptable, too, so they can conquer small talk or delve into deep topics with ease.


Capable and cheerful AF: That's the best way to describe The Entertainer. If there's one thing that drives the ESFP, it's figuring out how to have the most fun in any given situation (including quarantine). In fact, they can honestly make any social interaction feel like a party. So, when you're stressed, sad, or otherwise feel like a total struggle bus, they may be the one personality type who can almost instantly pull you out of it. Not only can they effortlessly distract you from your worries, but their playful, lighthearted nature will also magically pull you into a more positive mindset.

The ultra-extroverted ESFP is a people person through and through, and their Sensing Feeling preference just seems to bring out the best in their dates. Don't be surprised if you unexpectedly find a bottle of wine delivered to your doorstep or a recording of them singing you a cover song on your voicemail — they also have a spontaneous streak, thanks to their Perceiving preference, which can help to keep things exciting in the beginning stages of dating.

If you're looking for a quarantine companion who's guaranteed to give you a good time — whether via a flirty text convo or an impromptu FaceTime session — ESFPs definitely fit the bill.

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