3 Little Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving To A New City Alone

by Ciara Johnson

Moving to a new city alone is no joke, especially as a young adult. It's a giant step leaving your loved ones behind, and there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding your new life in this new place. On one hand, the endless possibilities are exciting and liberating. On the other hand, they can be extremely overwhelming. The struggles adjusting to this new lifestyle can be all too real at times, but thankfully, they're only temporary — so take a deep breath. You begin to learn so much about yourself along the journey, and that is truly priceless. Looking back, there are so many little things I wish I knew before moving to a new city all by myself.

I thought life would be a breeze after graduating college. I worked my butt off to earn my degree and secure a dream job, but I had no idea what I was actually in for. When I moved to San Antonio, Texas, I stepped outside my comfort zone in so many ways. I embraced a new life with a completely blank slate, and found myself getting discouraged when things didn't work out the way I originally hoped they would. I learned that all of the curveballs were just part of the process — they were necessary to help me become the woman and adult I am today.

My Self-Care Should Always Be A Priority
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Self-care wasn't a major priority for me in my college days. I pulled all-nighters on a regular basis, and went out with friends during the weekdays. And when I moved to San Antonio, staying up late was a habit I couldn't quit.

I showed up to work tired, because I stayed up late and refused to establish a solid bedtime in the beginning. After getting really burnt out at work, I realized that I needed to invest in both my physical and mental health by adopting a better schedule. I found myself being so much more productive in every area of my life.

Forming Solid Friendships Won't Happen Instantly
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The scariest part about moving to a new city is leaving all of your friendships behind. Suddenly, I had nobody to hit up happy hour with, or a go-to shopping buddy to do some damage at the mall with. I called my long-distance friends quite frequently, but it didn't quite feel the same as being together physically.

I tried using meet-up websites, work events, and even friendship apps to form solid connections. I felt so discouraged when a friendship didn't blossom, but I had to learn that this process would take time. Within a few months, I established strong friendships with my coworkers and it felt so good. Patience is key.

Having Alone Time Is Such A Fulfilling Gift
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Moving to a new city without knowing a single person meant that I spent a lot of time alone in the beginning. It was frustrating, because I thought I was supposed to be living my best life with new friends and opportunities on the regular. It took some time, but I learned to love being alone.

This new alone time gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself and the world. I read a ton of books, watched podcasts, worked out, and poured into myself in ways that I didn't know were possible. I found that being alone doesn't mean you're lonely. This period was crucial for my personal growth as I dipped my toes into adulthood.