Jonas Brothers "Sucker" outfits are great Halloween costume ideas.

These Jonas Brothers Group Costumes Are Just So ~Cool~

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Jonas Brothers/ YouTube
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Getting dressed up for Halloween is always so much fun. Now, imagine doing that with your best buds and pretending to be über famous at the same time? If you're thinking along those lines, then I suggest getting a group together and shutting it down (or should I say, burnin' it up?) as the Jonas Brothers. If you think about it, Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas have worn some pretty killer threads over the years — from fedoras in the 2000s to ultra-glam wear in their "Sucker" music video. Lucky for you, I've already started pulling Jonas Brothers group Halloween costume ideas together for you, so all you and your friends need to do is choose a look.

1. Color-Coordinated JoBros

In August 2019, the Jonas Brothers held a colorful concert at the New York City stop on their Happiness Begins tour. The brothers shut it down in striking, bold-colored suits. Happiness begins every time I look at this photo. The colors are so vibrant, but not so vibrant that they make your eyes feel like they're bleeding, y'know? They look like the pastel version of a rainbow and I can't stop smiling... Anyway, you and your friends will be able to brighten up anyone's Halloween party with these color-coordinated ensembles.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nick is wearing a mint-colored suit. So, you can grab this one below. It's $40, but that's pretty reasonable considering you'll get to wear it every springtime after this.

Nick added some extra flair by wearing a mint-colored dress shirt on the inside. You'll need to do the same.

Kevin is in a just-as-amazing purple number. Here's a similar suit:

Like Nick, you'll need to finish off Kevin's look with a matching shirt inside your suit. Here's a purple t-shirt from Amazon.

Joe's got on a magenta-colored suit. Grab a similar one like this:

Pair it with a matching t-shirt to finish off the look.

Boom! You and your friends will look so dapper while Chasing Happiness, aka candy, all Halloween-long.

2. Connect 3 JoBros

If you want to go old school, opt for a 2000s Camp Rock 2 edition of the Jonas Brothers (aka, their fictional doppelgänger band, Connect 3). This costume is twice the fun because it's so 2000s — and the 2000s were epic. Just look at Kevin's getup.

Disney Music / YouTube

On that note, moving from left to right: First, Kevin.

He's got on an olive-colored fedora and it's tipped to the side. Here's a cute one that you can wear as such on Halloween and the remainder of Autumn.

He's also wearing a gray t-shirt with a white pinstripe vest.

In this photo, Joe is wearing a speckled gray t-shirt.

He paired that with a brown, pleather jacket.

During the 2000s, frontman Joe was also marked by long, flippy hair. If you are truly committed to the look, you might want to consider picking up a wig.

Nick is wearing a dressy denim shirt in the photo above, so you'll need to do the same. This one is $43, but you can wear it year-round. Worth it!

Now go and shut it down lookin' "da bomb dot com."

3. Super Glam "Sucker" JoBros

For this next group costume, you'll need to round up three more friends and prepare to spend a bit more cash, but it'll be worth it. Trust. These Halloween costumes are going to have your group shuttin' sh*t down wherever y'all go because you'll be dressed as the Jonas Brothers and their Jonas Wives from the "Sucker" music video. Talk about glam.

Jonas Brothers / YouTube

First, let's do the guys.

Jonas Brothers / YouTube

Kevin is wearing a red-and-black sequins jacket with matching pants.

Joe is in the middle of the still above from the "Sucker" music video and he's wearing a black turtleneck.

He paired it with a sleek blazer.

As for Nick, he wore a red-and-black vest with matching red pants.

Now for the ladies of "Sucker" (who made the video, amirite?).

Jonas Brothers / YouTube

Kevin's wife, Danielle Jonas, wore a fabulous layered dress and you'll be able to look just as glam in this cream tulle skirt.

Pair it with this organza top and sequins jacket.

You can finish the look off with a blue scarf wrapped around your head.

Joe's wife, Sophie Turner, probably had a lot of fun getting dressed for the video. I have a feeling if you choose this wild number, you'll have an awesome time, too. To start, you'll need a blue sheer robe with feather trim.

You'll wear the robe over a pink bodysuit paired with fishnet stockings.

As for Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Nick's wife, she truly went wild with her "Sucker" look, meaning you (or your friend) needs to be ready to look bold and beautiful. Let's start with the basics: grab a black bodysuit.

You'll also need a blue scarf to wrap around your head.

Priyanka is also wearing a cropped red jacket, so you'll need one too.

Pair that with an orange polka dot skirt. This one is more like a mustard color, but close enough!

Oh, and you'll finish the look off by wearing a ton of pearl necklaces.

Honestly, I hope you and your friends choose these "Sucker" Halloween costumes, but any of the above will do! Happy Halloween!

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