These 3 Enneagram Types Are The Happiest In Casual Relationships

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idea of having a casual partner appeals to others. But for the Enneagram types who prefer casual relationships, keeping things label- and pressure-free really is their ideal kind of love life.

If the concept of Enneagrams is new to you, they're a system categorizing personalities into nine types based on what motivates people and how that impacts their behavior. As such, they can be a really useful tool for understanding how people behave in relationships and what their true desires are. In other words, knowing both your own Enneagram type and that of the person you're dating can offer a greater understanding of what you both truly need in a relationship.

If you happen to be one of the types who aren't in any kind of rush to lock things down in a relationship, here are the types to keep your eye out for who are on the same (casual) page.

Type 5: The Observer

Type Five is naturally very independent because they channel most of their energy into whatever passion project drives them. They're motivated by a deep desire for knowledge and are more intellectual than emotional. Type Five places a high value on personal autonomy and needs a lot of alone time to be with their thoughts. Committed relationships can feel confining to Five, so causal relationships that offer lots of personal freedom are just a better fit for this Enneagram type.

Type 7: The Adventurer

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Type Seven is a total free spirit. They love adventure and are always seeking out new ways to broaden their horizons. They love to travel and take on challenges, and can find relationships confining since it's hard for most people to keep up with them. They would also just prefer to keep things light in general. They're optimists who have very little patience for anything too serious, and they don't like conflict and so relationships can feel very messy to this type. Instead, they opt to keep things casual and their options open, rather than be in any rush to settle down.

Type 9: The Peacemaker

Type Nine isn't so much for casual relationships as they are open to all options. They have a great deal of empathy and can’t help but see everyone else's side — sometimes to the point where they forget to advocate for their own needs. They're very flexible and able to go with the flow, so they do well in both casual and committed relationships, and make for easygoing if a bit passive (and sometimes passive-aggressive) partners. That's why they're known as the Peacemaker type; they can't help but validate and understand every perspective.

If casual romances are your speed, then any of these types are likely to be down with your chilled-out slow pace, too.