28 Comments To Leave On Your Bestie's Selfie When Fire Emojis Just Aren't Enough

by Kristin Corpuz

When it comes to your Instagram posts, no one is more supportive in the comments section than your best friends. They are always there to hype you up and put a smile on your face with just the right words and emojis. So, when it's your friend's turn to post a selfie, your thumbs are so ready to blow up their comments section. Sometimes, coming up with the words can be challenging, so here are some comments to leave on your friend's selfie to serve as your inspiration.

Sometimes, "Yas queen!" and a flurry of fire and praise hands emojis just aren't enough to express how much you really love your friend's pics. So, you're in need of some additional comments to show your bestie you're totally here for then whenever they decide to drop a fire selfie on your feed.

From a comment that's super cute like, "I have nothing else to say except, "YAS QUEEN," to something simple and sweet like, "Never met a selfie of yours I didn't like," this list can take you through many of your friend's pictures to come. The next time your bestie posts a pic that seriously slays it on Insta, keep this list handy for all of the comment inspo you could possibly need.

1. "I literally have nothing else to say except, "YAS QUEEN!"

2. "How did I get so lucky to have a bestie as cute as you?!"

3. "The world just got a little bit brighter because you posted this pic."

4. "Just slay my life, why don't you."

5. "Never met a selfie of yours I didn't like."

6. "How many [praise hand emojis] is too many?"

7. "Someone call the fire department, because this selfie is [fire emoji]."

8. "Oh, OK, MODEL."

9. "The only person I know who can make a selfie look like a professional photo shoot."

Susana Ramírez/Stocksy

10. "I'm so lucky to get to call you my bestie."

11. "Who knew a selfie could look this fire?"

12. "This pic is inspiring me to have a selfie photo shoot of my own right now."

13. "Lighting, check. Makeup, check. Fire outfit, check. Gosh, you're cute."

14. "Just so precious! [heart eye emoji]"

15. "OK, you're literally an angel sent down from heaven to bless us with this photo."

16. "Teach me your selfie taking ways, pretty please."

17. "Give me one of your selfies and I will blow up the comments section, no questions asked."

18. "Is it weird if I make this pic my phone background?"


19. "This is just too freakin' good. I can't with you."

20. "I'm so obsessed with this."

21. "You belong on the cover of a magazine, for real."


23. "Damn girl, how'd I get a bestie this fine?"

24. "You are such a dream."

25. "This photo is everything."

26. "I'm truly shook right now."


28. "The truest queen I know."