you'll need an Instagram caption for your debut couple photo

28 Clever Instagram Captions For Your First Picture As A Couple

When you hit "Share" on that first Instagram photo of you and your new boo, you might feel your heart skip a beat. Telling the world about your new relationship can be exciting, but it can also be a source of major overthinking. You want to get it just right, so your friends can "ooh" and "ahh" over the cuteness without putting too much pressure on your relationship. This takes more than just a great photo — you also need a caption worthy of this Instagram-official moment. And ideally, it should fit your vibe as a couple, whether that’s sarcastic, low-key, or straightforward.

Everyone decides to make their social media couple debut on a different timeline. For some people, it feels like an easy way to update friends and family about their new relationship. But for others, becoming “Instagram official” is fraught with the expectation of formal boyfriend/girlfriend labels — and maybe that feels like too much. The way you first announce your partner on Instagram can set the stage for how people perceive them. So, you’ll want to curate your caption to emphasize how serious (or casual) you’d like things to seem.

There’s a caption out there for every scenario, and it’s really up to you which dynamic you want to convey. Here’s a list of captions worthy of any great couple photo — pair them with your favorite emojis, and you’re bound to rack up the likes.

If you’re getting serious…

  1. This is us.
  2. My love. *heart emoji*
  3. Life is better with you.
  4. How did I get so lucky?
  5. Catching feelings for you big time.
  6. Of all the surprises this year [or summer/winter/etc.] has brought, this one’s my favorite.
  7. You're my person.

If you’re keeping it casual…

  1. He/She’s OK, I guess. *wink*
  2. Mostly here for the wine nights.
  3. You’re always a fun time.
  4. Weekend adventure buddy.
  5. Good vibes only.
  6. Thankfully, we both swiped right.
  7. We can be cute sometimes.

If you want something cheeky…

  1. Photographic proof that opposites do attract.
  2. Not sure how you put up with me, but pretty glad you do!
  3. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  4. This is now a [your partner’s name] stan account.
  5. I’m as surprised about this as you are, believe me.
  6. Cuffing season mission accomplished.
  7. We like each other (for now, at least)!

If you want a pop culture reference…

  1. This is us.
  2. “I’m a sucker for you.” — Jonas Brothers
  3. Will you accept this rose?
  4. We’re both here for the right reasons.
  5. The Jim to my Pam / Ross to my Rachel / Jack to my Rebecca.
  6. “All’s well that ends well to end up with you.” — Taylor Swift
  7. “It’s a golden thing we’ve got.” — Cody Simpson

Pairing your couple photo with the perfect caption will take it from simply cute to totally personalized. You can even include your favorite inside jokes (or a reference to TV shows or movies you both love) to make it more "you." Ultimately, try not to stress too much — as long as you're posting something that makes you authentically happy, it doesn't matter a bit what other people think. Creating #content is fun, but it's never worth obsessing over every tiny detail. What matters most is that you're living your best life with your new boo.