A travel blogger poses in front of the Christmas tree at Lotte New York Palace in a wintertime outfi...

28 Captions For The Lotte New York Palace Christmas Tree & Festive Pics

Going to New York City around the holidays is essential. There are markets in the parks, beautiful window displays set up on Fifth Avenue, and all kinds of sights you don't want to miss. There's festiveness everywhere you go, including the decor at a luxurious hotel on the Upper East Side — Lotte New York Palace. Catch a subway there as soon as possible, and have captions for the Lotte New York Palace Christmas tree prepped for when you do.

The moment you see the massive tree and its sparkly ribbons and bows, you're going to want to post it on the 'Gram. You may even pull out your phone, open your Instagram app, and go live on stories. Once your BFFs and loyal followers join the stream, you'll show them the crowds around the tree and content creators snapping artsy pics with their cameras. Then, you'll zoom in on the individual ornaments and give a tour of this magical place.

In the comments section, your best friends might comment things like, "Oh, wow," or "Hopping on a train to meet you there!" Truth is, this tree may be on their winter bucket list, too — and not just because the palace its in front of is typically known as being Serena van der Woodsen's residence in Gossip Girl. Fairly shortly after, you may see them running up to Lotte New York Palace to get their own pics with the Christmas tree, or on the 'Gram posting selfies with one of these 28 captions for the occasion.

1. "Lotte New York Palace is making Santa proud."

2. "The merriest and brightest tree of all."

3. "Christmas is better at Lotte New York Palace."

4. "My favorite color is Christmas tree green."

5. "I have a Lotte to be grateful for this holiday season."

6. "Tree-ting ourselves and visiting the most beautiful places in the city."

7. "How can you be a Grinch around this Christmas tree?"

8. "Today's goal: take a picture with every Christmas tree I can find."

9. "I've never met an ornament I didn't like."

10. "Having a merry little time in the city with my love."

11. "Oh, gingersnap. Look at this Christmas tree."

12. "The more ribbons and bows the merrier."

13. "Meet me under the Christmas tree at Lotte New York Palace."

14. "Hey, MTV. Welcome to my festive palace."

15. "All I want for the holidays is a Christmas tree as big as this one."

16. "Dear, Santa. Just leave your credit card under the tree so I can stay here for a night."

17. "Everything about this Christmas tree is elf-ing magical."

18. "Even the trees dressed up for the holidays."

19. "It's so festive outside."

20. "But first, let's go to Lotte New York Palace and take pics with the Christmas tree."

21. "This Christmas tree was worth going out in the cold for."

22. "Twinkly lights and New York City nights."

23. "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in New York City."

24. "Season's greetings from Lotte New York Palace."

25. "Winter days and trees that #sleigh."

26. "Am I Serena van der Woodsen yet?"

27. "Merry everything and a happy always."

28. "Fancy meeting you here."