28 Captions For Summer Carnivals, Because You're All About The Ferris Wheel 'Gram

Summer is a season for adventure, spontaneous fun, the sweetest treats, and cotton candy-colored skies. That's why you need to find the nearest carnival to go to ASAP. Growing up, I remember begging my mom to go on every single ride there was at the state fair. The Ferris wheel was my absolutely favorite because you could see all the twinkling lights, people, food stands, and rides from the very top. It really was one of those "take a picture, it'll last longer" moments, which is why you need to be prepared with captions for summer carnivals before you go.

If your crew's looking to have an epic summer to remember, a carnival is where you should kick things off. On your to-do list, be sure to add all the thrill rides, stopping by a fortune teller, and having some friendly competition at the carnival games. Plus, if you're a major foodie, just think of the amazing eats that'll be in your near future. Try a deep-fried Oreo, or just a good old fashioned hot dog. Get bright pink cotton candy, and take a colorful snap in front of a ride whizzing by in the background.

When the time comes to post any of the pics you take on Instagram, use any of these 28 carnival captions. Even if you lose the carnival games you play, you'll have the amazing memories to feel like a true winner, and will leave feeling super nostalgic.

1. "Life is like a carnival. The cotton candy is all the sweet things in your life."

2. "Dreams taste like cotton candy."

3. "I'm just here for the fried food."

4. "Up, up, and away into cotton candy-colored skies."

5. "If only Ryan Gosling was on this Ferris wheel."

6. "Let the friendly competition begin."

Jamie Grill Atlas/Stocksy

7. "It's a neon lights, Ferris wheel kind of night."

8. "Admit two. Just me and you."

9. "Carnivals bring out the child in everyone."

10. "Feeling nostalgic AF."

11. "Sweet dreams are made of cotton candy."

12. "Came for the fried Twinkies, left with some pretty great memories."

Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

13. "We may not have won any prizes, but we're walking away like champs."

14. "She's got a ticket to ride." — The Beatles, "Ticket To Ride"

15. "The carnival may be leaving town, but the memories will last forever."

16. "It's so fluffy!" — Despicable Me

17. "Every summer has a story."

18. "Up, up, up. Can only go up from here." — Shania Twain, "Up!"

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

19. "Live, laugh, and lots of fried food."

20. "Tonight, we dance under the stars."

21. "Never lose your inner child."

22. "[Ferris wheel emoji] [balloon emoji]."

23. "Every day is a thrill ride with you."

24. "Life is short. Make it sweet with cotton candy."

Natali Brillianata/Shutterstock

25. "I never knew I needed all my food deep-fried until today."

26. "You can't spell 'friend' without 'fried.'"

27. "I wish for happiness like this forever." — Charity Barnum, The Greatest Showman

28. "I'll take all the balloons, please."