A pug sits under a Christmas tree with presents all around.

27 Captions For Your Pup Opening Xmas Gifts That'll Make Santa Paws Proud


Remember the pure joy you felt as a kid, rushing downstairs on Christmas morning to see what gifts Santa left you? Your fur baby may feel the same way over the holidays when you give them a new fluffy blanket or plush toys to add to their collection. Watching them open their presents has become a beloved holiday tradition of yours. That's why you need to be prepared with some captions for your dog opening presents on Christmas.

You never know when a cute moment may happen, and the chances are very high when you mix your pup, some presents, and treats of all sorts wrapped within. You're already thinking of all the cute snaps you'll capture, like one of your fury baby surrounding by their gifts, another one of them sniffing their presents to see what's inside, and a third pic of your dog finally getting to their gift.

The joy on your little pupper's face needs to be seen by everyone, which is why you should post right away. It'll be much easier now that you have these 27 captions to do it. Now all you need to do is have the happiest of howl-idays with your very own Santa Paws.


1. "I gotta open the present? Why doesn't someone just throw me a bone?"

2. "Before opening presents, you must take time to paws and reflect on what you already have."

3. "Happy howlidays from my Santa Paws."

4. "All of this is for me?!"

5. "If you think he's happy with the boxes, just imagine how ecstatic he'll be when he opens them."

6. "Presents make my pup pawsitively happy."

7. "It was very difficult not to open presents before Christmas."

8. "I hope all your presents are as pawesome as mine."

9. "There's snow way this is all for me!"

10. "There better be a bone in here somewhere."

11. "A real treat."

12. "This is what spoiled looks like."

13. "I guess someone was on the nice list this year."


14. "After presents, I plan on dachshund through the snow."

15. "Well, my new toys aren't going to throw themselves."

16. "Christmas morning really brings out the puppy in him."

17. "It looks like Santa Paws stopped here."

18. "My dog deserves every present."

19. "Bark! The herald angels sing."

20. "Every present is fur you, my friend."

21. "So elfing ready for presents!"

22. "My dog and I are rocking around the Christmas tree."

23. "Santa Paws came to town!"

24. "We woof you a Merry Christmas."

25. "Pug-get about the coal... I'm a good boy."

26. "My dog would probably agree I'm the best gift giver around."

27. "*Buys really nice dog toys.* *Plays with wrapping paper instead.*"