A happy woman smiles for a photo while showing off her engagement ring at brunch.

26 Cute Captions For Your Engagement Announcement That Aren't Cliché

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You just said, "yes." The next step is announcing your engagement to the Insta world. After capturing the perfect pic, it's time to think of some cute engagement announcement captions that aren't totally cliché. You may have seen "I said yes" more than once — which is totally OK to use if that's the route you want to go — but you may want something that's especially unique.

Announcing your engagement is such an exciting experience. You may immediately FaceTime your family and best friends, and receive a billion congratulatory phone calls and text messages. An easy way to spread the good news to everyone else is through social media. That's of course, if you have your caption ready to go.

Coming up with just the right words can sometimes be difficult. You might want something cute, sweet, and funny all rolled into one. You may be too distracted by the wedding bells that are currently ringing in your ears, so when you're blanking on what to say, refer to these 26 cute engagement announcement captions. This way, you can just focus on looking at that gorgeous ring, loving your fiancé/fiancée, and watching the "congrats" start to roll in.


1. "I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% getting hitched."

2. "If I had to pick a favorite finger, this one would be it."

3. "Wow, my hand feels a little heavier today. I wonder why."

4. "Engaged sure does have a ring to it."

5. "Dear, Beyoncé, it worked. They put a ring on it."

6. "I must be a Disney princess, because I'm getting my happily ever after."

7. "I meant to say yes, but it came out more like uncontrollable sobbing."

8. "We're going to be the cutest old couple there is."

9. "Holding your hand just got a lot more sparkly."

10. "Watch as I magically turn from a Miss to a Mrs."

11. "Putting myself into the wifey status."

12. "Spot the difference between this photo and the last one I posted."

13. "I'm sensing some wedding vibes."

14. "Can we talk about the elephant in the room... I mean, ring on my finger?"

15. "New ring, who dis?"


16. "My heart was stolen, so it's only fair I got a ring and fiancé/fiancée in exchange."

17. "We decided on infinity and beyond."

18. "Sometimes, a random Tuesday could become your favorite Tuesday in the history of ever."

19. "No need to pinch yourselves. This is real, people!"

20. "So this is what forever looks like? I love it."

21. "I woke up with this. [insert ring emoji]"

22. "Goal: find my person to love for the rest of my life [insert check mark emoji]."

23. "Oh look, I have a shiny new something on my finger."

24. "Pardon me while I glow with happiness."

25. "It's about time!"

26. "Poll: Does this ring make me look engaged?"

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