25 Puns For College Students, Because It's Time To Hit The Books

It's officially time to pack up your bags and head back to school. I remember my first-ever move-in day as if it were yesterday. I arrived at my dorm, met my new roommates, set up my space, and went to a couple of freshmen social hangs all in one day. It was a lot to take in, and it's only the beginning of a brand new chapter in your life. College will forever be one of the greatest memories you'll get super nostalgic about, so when you're snapping all of those pics with your crew, pair them with some puns for college students.

Throughout the school year, there will be late-night study sessions, free social events, game days, and not to mention the chillest dorm room hangs. Everything will be totally Insta-worthy, and you'll want to document it all. However, when you're ready to post, you'll want a caption that matches those non-stop fun vibes. That's where a good pun comes in handy. I know, they may be cheesy at times, but deep down you know you love a good pun. That's why, when you're ready to post that college squad selfie, use any of these 25 puns as your caption. Then, let the good times commence, because the back-to-school fun awaits.

1. "The sun doesn't have to go to college, because it's already got like 28 million degrees." — Unknown

2. "Bison, I'm leaving for college." — Unknown

3. "Can't wait to ketchup with my dorm roomies." — Unknown

4. "Let's taco bout last night." — Unknown

5. "I have a c-rush on Greek life." — Unknown


6. "My early morning chemistry class rarely gets a reaction out of me." — Unknown

7. "I'm a science major, and I'm sodium funny." — Unknown

8. "Need a little encourage mint for this late-night study session." — Unknown

9. "Sorry, I can't hang tonight. I'm totally booked at the library." — Unknown

10. "The campus cafe and I were meant to bean." — Unknown


11. "I know it's cheesy, but college food is grate." — Unknown

12. "Keeping the positivi-tea in the dorm room." — Unknown

13. "I really snailed it this semester." — Unknown

14. "I can't beleaf how great college is." — Unknown

15. "Calc-u later, I'm off to class." — Unknown


16. "Lettuce celebrate the weekend." — Unknown

17. "No kitten, I'm feline purrty great right meow." — Unknown

18. "Just hoping this B.S. pays off." — Unknown

19. "My Little and I go together like PB&J." — Unknown

20. "Donut make me get out of bed for class." — Unknown

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21. "I think my campus is haunted, because there's a lot of school spirit." — Unknown

22. "Periodically, I'll show up to my science class." — Unknown

23. "I must have figured out squadratic equation, because I have the best friends." — Unknown

24. "The s'more I know about college, the s'more I love." — Unknown

25. "Yes, I'm into fitness. I'm into fitness this whole pizza in my mouth." — Unknown