A couple laughs during a Thanksgiving picnic in autumn.

25 Punny Captions For Your Thanksgiving Couples Pics & Being Cutie Pies

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Some holidays are made for social media. On Halloween, you might've posted hilarious selfies with your best friends while wearing a spooky costume. Now, with sweet potatoes, turkey, and cranberry sauce right around the corner, you might be looking for punny Instagram captions for your Thanksgiving couples pics. Everybody is going to be posting their colorful spreads and sweet throwbacks, and you want to participate in the fun too.

You want to snuggle up on the couch with a Polaroid camera and your partner while you wait for dinner to be ready, and capture a sweet kiss. Or you might want to pose near your front door that's decorated with gourds, hay, and miniature scarecrows, and smile for the camera lens with your significant other by your side. After getting the right shot, you want to enjoy the good food and company in your home, and let your all of your family members get to know the person you love.

After all, you want the entire world to know how much you care about them during the season of giving and beyond. You want your followers to see their radiant smile, and say something like, "Oh my gourd! This is adorable," when you post a picture on Instagram. In addition, you want your best friends to text you a heart emoji when you send a cheesy selfie of the two of you in the group chat and say, "Happy Thanksgiving from us!"

You may even have filters picked out for the occasion that'll make your upcoming couples pic glow and stand out amongst the others on your feed. The only thing you're missing is a catchy and punny caption for Thanksgiving, and being a couple of cutie pies.


1. "Hey there, cutie pie."

2. "Oh my gourd! You're so cute."

3. "Love you cranberry much."

4. "I yam totally thankful for you."

5. "We're just here for the food."

6. "You're my jam."

7. "Life's butter when we're together."

8. "What's up, pumpkin?"

9. "Always be-leaf in love."

10. "We've got the (cranberry) sauce."

11. "Sweet like a potato."

12. "Let's give 'em pumpkin to talk about."

13. "Orange you glad we get to spend Thanksgiving together?"

14. "I love Thanksgiving and you a waffle lot."

15. "Thanks a brunch for being you."

16. "This is how we casserole."

17. "For goodness bakes, you're beautiful."

18. "Casserollin' into dinner with my love."


19. "Only have pies for you."

20. "It was love at first bite."

21. "Talk turkey to me."

22. "Gouda times with my bae."

23. "I know it's going to sound cheesy, but I'm grateful for you."

24. "You're the apple pie of my eye."

25. "Thankful as cluck."

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