25 IG Comments To Leave On Your Partner's Thirst Trap When They Look GOOD

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Everyone in a relationship has these three important responsibilities: to be faithful, to be true, and to always, always hype up your boo's hot IG posts. And while everyone appreciates a double tap, your SO's jaw-dropping pics really deserve some extra applause. Of course, coming up with complimentary comments to leave on your partner's Instagram thirst traps is tricky. That seductive selfie may leave you feeling drunk in love, but there's no need to leave all of your SO's followers cringing. There's a fine line between flirty and freaky, and I've got some comments that strike a perfect balance.

IMO, most of the lovin' you show your partner should be done in private, not on the internet. However, tasteful PDA is A-OK, and there's nothing wrong with showing your SO some social media love. They're likely posting that thirst trap for you, after all (and, OK, probably for a little ego boost as well). Being a partner means showing support, and that includes everything from celebrating accomplishments to showering them with compliments. Next time your SO graces the 'gram with a pic that's straight fire, go ahead and leave them one of these flirty comments — I promise they'll appreciate the praise.

For Hot Selfies
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If your SO decides to pull out the ring light and tap that front-facing camera button, you can let them know that they nailed the shot with these sweet comments.

  • It should be criminal to look this good without a filter.
  • Someone was definitely ready for their close-up.
  • I get lost in those eyes.
  • The camera loves you, darling (and so do I).
  • Whoever gets to wake up next to that face is lucky AF. Oh wait, that's me.
  • You wake up, flawless. Post up, flawless.
  • God must have spent a little more time on you.
  • How about you get your self(ie) over to my place rn?
For Sexy Workout Or Bathing Suit Pics

When your boo decides to show off the work they've put in at the gym, you can use these flirtatious comments to give 'em props.

  • This is why people can't believe I convinced you to date me.
  • I'm in love with the shape of you.
  • Thank you for my new lock screen background.
  • You're sexy and you know it.
  • Your body is a wonderland.
  • I might 'unlike' this pic just so I can 'like' it again.
  • Whoa, nelly. You should warn a person before you post content like this.
  • Um, can I get a wallet-sized copy of this pic?
  • I'd definitely (double) tap that.
For ~Artsy~ Shots
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For those sexy VSCO-inspired pics, hype your boo up with these rave reviews.

  • You are a work of art.
  • Just spent 20 minutes of my life staring at this pic, and I'm not mad about it.
  • This belongs in a museum.
  • Easy, breezy, beautiful cover bae.
  • You better add this pic to your modeling portfolio.
  • You're dynamite in black and white.
  • WORK 👏 IT 👏 BABY 👏.
  • You're doing amazing, sweetie.

Just remember: Even if your partner's thirst traps leave you feeling a little jealous, you're still the only person who gets to enjoy the goods.