25 Clever Captions For Your New Sandals & Showing Off Your Pedicure

by Kristin Corpuz
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'Tis the season, friends. (The summer season, that is.) Right now, you're making some pretty major changes to your wardrobe. Fluffy jackets are being swapped out for flowy kimonos, denim shorts are being brought out from hibernation, chunky boots are replaced by none other than your favorite pairs of sandals. It's finally the time of year when you're all about keeping up with your pedicures, so you're definitely going to need some Instagram captions for sandals for all of the pics you'll be snapping of your pretty toes.

Sandals are always so much fun to wear throughout the summer. They can be your basic flip flops, or they can be a really fancy pair that look amazing with your vibrant summer dresses. Regardless of what you choose, sandals are the perfect accessory to really put you in the sweet summertime mood. You'll literally feel like you're "walking on sunshine," as the Katrina and the Waves hit goes.

So if you're ready to officially put the cold winter and rainy spring behind you, and dig out your strappy shoes from the depths of your closet. Make sure you snap a ton of pics and use these captions. They're sure to make a gorgeous summer splash on the 'Gram.

Jojo Jovanovic/Stocksy

1. "The only BS I need is my bikini and sandals."

2. "Sandals: the only reason why I feel an obligation to keep up with my pedicures over the summer."

3. "Life is better in flip flops."

4. "Good shoes take you to good places."

5. "Life is too short to not wear sandals when you want to."

Denise Bovee/Stocksy

6. "It's a flip flop kind of day. Actually, it's a flip flop kind of summer."

7. "Living that flippy floppy life."

8. "Walking into summer like..."

9. "I said a flip flop, the flippy, the flippy. To the flip flip flop, and you don't stop." — A take on The Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight"

10. "Flippin' out for sweet, sweet, summertime."

Carolyn Lagatutta/Stocksy

11. "Excuse me while I live in sandals for the next few months."

12. "The only way to combat the problem of getting sand in your shoes is to wear sandals all the time. Not complaining."

13. "Nothing quite like the feeling of having sand in between your toes and a salty summer breeze flowing through your hair."

14. "Feelin' sandy."

15. "Perks of wearing sandals: never having to flip them upside down to get the sand out."

Trinette Reed/Stocksy

16. "Flippin' and floppin' my way through the summer."

17. "Gotta show off my cute pedicure, you know what I mean?"

18. "Bringing all of my flip flops and sandals to the front of my closet."

19. "Sandy toes and salty kisses. Life is great at the beach."

20. "You are now entering a flip flop zone. Proper footwear required."

Susana Ramírez/Stocksy

21. "It's a flip flop kind of day."

22. "I wasn't made for winter. I was made to live in flip flops."

23. "Flip flops are the glass slippers of summer."

24. "You're the flip to my flop."

25. "The three S's of summertime: salty, sandy, sandals."

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