25 Instagram Captions For Bagel Friday Pics That Are As Tasty As The Scallion Cream Cheese

There's no denying that the best day of the week is Friday. Sorry, Monday through Thursday — you're just the hurdles we have to get through to reach the weekend, and it really does start with Friyay. As exciting as it is to reach the end of the work week, the best part is when your office has bagel Fridays. It's that little tasty incentive that makes your morning so much brighter, and when you're too hyped to handle it all, you'll need some Instagram captions for bagel Friday pics.

I'm usually the one to stroll into work right on time, but on bagel Friday, I need to get there early. The first one in the kitchen is the one who has first dibs on their favorite treat. My go-to is an egg bagel, smothered with what I like to call New York bodega amounts of cream cheese — aka, overflowing. But even if you're the last one to get their bagel, you're still excited for whatever's left, because who can say no to a delicious bagel?

Honestly, I think bagel Fridays should be as mandatory as vacation time, because it just makes the office happier. Spread that joy like you spread your scallion cream cheese by posting a cute bagel selfie on Instagram. Then, use any of these 25 tasty captions like the poppy seeds on top of your bagel.

1. "Too many people look at the holes in their life and miss the glorious bagel right in front of them."

2. "Happiness is fresh bagels and cream cheese."

3. "The only circle of trust I have is my bagel."

4. "I'm only here because I was told there would be bagels."

5. "You are my everything bagel."

Holly Vegter/Shutterstock

6. "If there aren't bagels, did Friday even happen?"

7. "Going into the weekend as smooth as the cream cheese on my bagel."

8. "Nothing spreads more joy than a bagel on Friday."

9. "A bagel on Friday keeps the grumpy away."

10. "You are the cream cheese to my bagel."

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11. "You know what they say: The early bird gets the first pick of bagel on bagel Friday, or something like that."

12. "My bagel may be plain, but my personality isn't."

13. "Oh bagel, you truly do have everything I need."

14. "I don't need an inspirational quote. I need a bagel."

15. "You're my first, my last, and my everything bagel."


16. "I know good things are going to happen when I have a bagel first thing in the morning."

17. "Life without you is like a bagel without cream cheese."

18. "In a world full of plain bagels, be everything."

19. "I haven't been this excited about bagel Friday since last bagel Friday."

20. "It's fri-nally bagel Friday."

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21. "I don't work on Friday, I make appearances just for the bagels."

22. "Walking into the weekend with a bagel in my hand."

23. "You bread-a believe it!"

24. "There's nothing plain about my love for you, bagel."

25. "I loaf you so much, bagel Fridays."