25 Captions For Your Sister's Bachelorette Party, Because She Said 'Yes' & You Said 'Let's Party'

Your sister is engaged to the love of her life, and now, it's time for you to put your party planning hat on. As sister of the bride, you know her better than anyone. You've been besties since birth, and growing up, you talked about your dream weddings together. That's why you're more than prepared to throw the perfect bachelorette party for her. You have the ideal location in mind, and all of the invites have been sent out. All you need now are some captions for your sister's bachelorette party pics to complete the to-do list.

It wouldn't be a true bachelorette party if no pictures were taken at all. Anytime you get the entire "I do" crew together, you need to snap at least a few group selfies. Also, the location for the bachelorette party is everything. If you're heading to the shore for a beach getaway, you'll want to snap a pics of everyone making waves with tropical drinks in-hand. For a relaxing spa retreat, a selfie of you and your sis in your robes with face masks on is a must.

With matching shirts, toasts to the happy couple, and a dream destination, there are tons of photo opportunities waiting to happen. Make posting those snaps easier by using any of these 25 bachelorette party-inspired captions.

1. "My sister's going to kiss the miss goodbye."

2. "She's nacho average bride. She's also my sister."

3. "My sister said, 'Yes,' and I said, 'Let's party!'"

4. "I know you're going to be a great wife, because you're the best sister."

5. "Pop the champagne, my sister's changing her last name."


6. "Look at my sis getting married and sh*t."

7. "Shell yeah, I'm doing my mer-maid of honor duties."

8. "She's not a regular bride, she's my sister."

9. "I'll always be by your side, especially when we're on the dance floor and celebrating you."

10. "Something borrowed, something blue, my sis and I party harder than you."

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11. "You’re not my best friend. You’re my sister, and that’s more." — Jenny Han

12. "Don't keep calm. My sister's bachelorette party is on!"

13. "Birds of a feather party together."

14. "Pretty soon, you'll no longer be a miss, but you'll always be my sis."

15. "Excuse me, I'm the sister of the bride."


16. "My sister is getting married, and I get to party."

17. "You're pretty much my most favorite of all time in the history of ever, so let's party in honor of you."

18. "We're getting bach and boujee."

19. "The final flamingle, because my sis is no longer single."

20. "Bach, please."

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21. "Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation." — Beyoncé, "Formation"

22. "My sister is the wife of the party."

23. "My sister's getting a husband/wife, and with this 'I do' crew, I'm getting new best friends for life."

24. "Always my sister, forever my friend, now a bride."

25. "No one will ever be as entertained by us as us."