25 Captions For Summer Spa Days, Because You'll Be Relaxing All Season Long

by Kristin Corpuz

Summer is the season for a lot of special things: vibrant fruits, frozen cocktails, long days spent at the beach and pool, pics in front of palm trees, chilling in a hammock with a good book, and of course, relaxing in the sun as much as possible. Even if you don't hit the surf and sand, you can still have a relaxing time indoors by treating yourself to a spa day. (Massages, and facials, and mani-pedis — oh my.) Days spent at the spa are always worth documenting on the 'Gram — whether you snap a pic in your plush robe post-treatment, or you grab a pic lounging poolside — so you'll definitely need captions for summer spa days for all of your posts.

Spa days are a necessity year-round, but they're especially fun in the summer. It really is the season of rejuvenation and relaxation, and what better way to celebrate that than with a day — or two, or five — of self-care? I recently took a summer self-care trip to Scottsdale, Arizona so I could indulge in several spa days myself, and it was truly one of the best ideas I've ever had. It was wonderful getting to spend a few days leaving my worries behind, relaxing in the desert, and seriously treating myself to luxurious treatments.

So this summer, make sure you take time to #TreatYoself at a spa, and make sure you take a few pics to document those days on the 'Gram, too.

Studio Firma/Stocksy

1. "Can't come to the phone right now, I'm too busy relaxing."

2. "Spa face, who dis?"

3. "So sorry, I couldn't see you through the cucumbers on my eyes."

4. "Totally blissed out."

5. "Too zen to give a damn."

Trinette Reed/Stocksy

6. "Self-care and chill kind of day."

7. "Feeling as cool as a cucumber."

8. "Until further notice, assume I'm out of the office."

9. "Has anyone seen my chill? I must have left it somewhere."

10. "Thinking only pillow thoughts."


11. "Hot tub, steam room, sauna, massage, repeat."

12. "Cheers to spending all day in a cozy bathrobe."

13. "This must be the art of doing nothing at all."

14. "Do you think the spa will notice if I take the robe home with me?"

15. "When in doubt, zen it out."


16. "Taking time to relax, because life can be a rush."

17. "I've been feeling a lot better since I sipped this cucumber water."

18. "No time to worry when I'm too busy getting my calm on."

19. "There are few things in life that feel better than a really well-done scalp massage."

20. "Talk to the cucumbers."

Studio Firma/Stocksy

21. "Living for these aromatherapy scents right now."

22. "Just give me a massage table to lay on, some oils to put on my body, and some light piano music to help me live my best life."

23. "Please excuse me if I fall asleep during this massage."

24. "Do not disturb."

25. "When life gets messy, turn it into a mud mask."