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25 IG Captions For Pics With Your New Pandemic Cuffing Season Cutie


At this point, it seems like coronavirus isn't going anywhere anytime soon. And while dating during a global pandemic has been interesting at best, and bizarre AF at worst, some people have been lucky enough to secure a partner to ride out this nightmarish storm with. If you've found the perfect person to cozy up to and frantically buy toilet paper with, here are some captions for pictures of your pandemic cuffing season partner that are funny and cute.

1. "There's no one I'd rather be sipping a quaran-tini with. 💕"

2. "On that working-from-home grind with this cutie. 🙌"

3. "Pumpkin spice and cuddles are nice."

4. "We followed our hearts, and they led us to the couch."

5. "So, I guess we're in an Isolationship."

6. "We're home for the holidays...and possibly forever."

7. "I'll never forget the first time I saw the bottom of [his/her/their] beautiful mask-less face. It was definitely a moment to remember."

8. "Love in the time of corona."

9. "Quarantine, has made us all about those inside jokes."

10. "Loving our romantic date nights at the fabulous chez moi."

11. "A pandemic is the perfect excuse to stay in bed."

12. "I finally found someone who treats me like the quaran-queen I am."

13. "It's that socially distant kind of love."

14. "Find someone who will secretly give you foot massages while you're on zoom calls."

15. "Your smile reminds me that everything will be OK."

16. "Staying home has never been better."

17. "Hoping [he/she/they] will continue to be my personal live-in chef after this is all over."

18. "Lowkey forgot what [he/she/they] they look underneath [his/her/their] 24/7 blanket-poncho."


19. "Love going on walks with this babe."

20. "So glad I have you to cuddle me through this shitstorm."

21. "I like you, even when you drink the last Seltzer."

22. "Channeling our inner power couple."

23. "Thank you for always venturing out for toilet paper, even when it's my turn."

24. "Six feet apart, now that's sexy."

25. "Smizing like there's no tomorrow."

Although this year's cuffing season might not be quite as enjoyable due to the current situation, having someone to pass the time with is prime. Even if you're unsure of whether your cuffing partner has post-cuffing season potential, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy each other's company for the time being. So get your cuff on!