A woman in denim overalls sits at her desk and stretches her arms above her head.

25 Captions For Going Back To Work After Vacation That Capture Your Feels


As much as you're enjoying your vacay, you know work is calling and eventually you have to get back to your typical routine. Heading back to the office after spending days sleeping in and doing whatever you'd like is the definition of "the struggle is real." Even though the meetings and emails may be difficult to sit through, you know once you get over the hump, things will start to feel normal again. Until then, you have coffee and captions for going back to work after vacation to make it easier.

Especially coming back from a big holiday, you know everyone in the office is feeling the same way you are. No one really wants to be putting together excel sheets when they could be sitting poolside with a coconut drink. However, a good back at work selfie with a funny caption might make you feel a whole lot better.

The struggle of your alarm clock going off and replying to all your out of office emails is all too real. I've taken all the creative work out of posting for you. Snap a selfie, use any of these 25 going back to work captions, and you're all set. The weekend will be here before you know it.


1. "'I need another vacation' has never been more real."

2. "This time, last week, I was sleeping in my bed."

3. "My past self doesn't know how lucky I was to be on vacation."

4. "Is it Friday yet?"

5. "I forgot how much I love coffee."

6. "Can we start having nap time at work?"

7. "I'll be there at nine-ish. Heavy on the 'ish.'"

8. "Sorry I'm late. My alarm didn't go off. I forgot to set it, because I'm so used to not setting it for a week."

9. "I'm just pretending this coffee is a margarita and I'm sitting by the beach."

10. "But first, coffee."

11. "I'm OK if we cancel every meeting today. Just sayin'."

12. "How about instead of this meeting we just go around the table and tell vacation stories?"

13. "Everything will be super duper soon."


14. "I swear I was just leaving for vacation five minutes ago."

15. "Sorry I can't go into work today. I fractured my motivation while on vacation."

16. "I worked hard so I could travel harder."

17. "Thanks so much for your email, but my brain is still out of the office. I'll get back to you as soon as I can."

18. "Vacation is over, which means it's time to officially remember what day of the week it is again."

19. "I swear yesterday was Friday. There's no way it's Monday."

20. "Where's that time machine when I need it?"

21. "Go to work. Open computer. Scroll for plane tickets for six hours. Close computer. Go home."

22. "If I'm strong enough to get through the first day of work after a vacation then I deserve my own superhero movie."

23. "Is it fri-nally Friday?"

24. "If I sit like this at my desk, does it look like I'm working?"

25. "Let get real — I only came into work so I can show off all my vacation photos."