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25 Captions For Caramel Apples Pictures That Are Beyond Sweet

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Break out your flannels, beanies, and booties, because autumn is here. That means it’s time to plan a day at the apple orchard with your besties. Of course, having a photo shoot while you’re reaching for apples is a classic move, but the best part of all is walking away with your delicious finds. Once you get home, you can make apple pie, apple crisp, and my favorite treat of all time: caramel apples. For any pics you snap, you'll need captions for caramel apples.

I don't know about you, but caramel apples are a fall favorite I long for as soon as the weather starts to cool down. I've recently found myself walking away at the end of a Disneyland day with a caramel apple from Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen instead of my usual cake pop or Mickey-shaped Rice Krispies Treats. Those are my favorite kinds of caramel apples because they're the definition of Instagram-worthy. Disney really knows how to create treats that almost too beautiful to eat. Once you take that first bite, your tastebuds instantly fall in love.

When you finally get your hands on your first caramel apple of the season, you need to take a picture to make that memory last forever. Maybe you'll enjoy your very own beautiful apple that looks like your favorite Disney character, or maybe you'll pose with a caramel-dipped apple you made at home with friends. Either way, you can use any of these 25 captions for your Instagram post showing off this apple-y ever after moment.

1. "I find the combination of caramel and apples very a-peeling."

2. "My core values are to eat caramel apples and have fun while doing it."

3. "I'd like to apple-ogize for not sharing my caramel apple with you."

4. "I’m having an apple-y ever after."

5. "I caramel-ot about you."

6. "You’re the caramel apple of my eye."

7. "A caramel apple a day keeps the bad vibes away."

8. "I’m red-y to enjoy this caramel apple."

9. "Roses are red. Apples are, too. I’m sorry I’m not sharing this caramel apple with you."

10. "We go together like apples and caramel."


11. "How do you like them apples?"Good Will Hunting

12. "My love for fall is hardcore."

13. "I love caramel apples to their core."

14. "Love at first bite."

15. "I sugar coat everything."

16. "Why be a plain apple when you can be covered in caramel?"

17. "You can find me over here enjoying the sweet life."

18. "The best things in life are sweet."

19. "The caramel apple of my eye."

20. "Don’t just be an apple, be a caramel apple."

21. "Having my serving of fruit for the day."

22. "This will definitely come in candy."

23. "The time of year to make caramel apples with your witches."

24. "If I don’t get a caramel apple, you’ll get to see my resting witch face."

25. "I'd bob for these kinds of apples any day."

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