A woman dressed like a vampire for Halloween stands in shadows with sunlight in her face.

23 Vampire Instagram Captions For Creepin' It Real On Halloween

One of the most classic costumes for Halloween is a vampire. It reminds people of the spookiness of the holiday, and can easily be put together with a cape, pair of fangs, and dark makeup. You don't need to rush from one store to the next, looking for several pieces and parts, or even search the Internet for hours for vampire Instagram captions for Halloween 2019.

I have you covered in the social media department so you can throw on the #look, take a pic, and make a post at the last minute. I know what the best filters are for your fall-inspired content, and where you can find inspiration when you're lacking new ideas for group photos on Oct. 31. Sure, I could dish it all out right now. But instead, you need to gather up a few captions you like for your vampire costume and write them down in a note on your phone. Then, you may want to take an afternoon nap — like a vampire would do — and get to your spook-tacular plans.

Maybe you're carving pumpkins or going to the local orchard with your people before digging your teeth into some sweet treats. Whatever you're doing, I'm sure you'll roll up to the group in style and creep it real. After all, you're a vampire for Halloween 2019 and orange you glad for that.

Pepino De Mar Studio/Stocksy

1. "The fangs all here."

2. "Wanna fang out?"

3. "Thanks for always creepin' it real."

4. "Wearing more outfits that require a cape."

5. "If you've got it, haunt it." — Rose Pressey

6. "Having a fang-tastic time on Halloween."

7. "This vampire is too cute to spook."

8. "You say vampire like it's a bad thing."

9. "It was love at first bite."

10. "My blood type is pumpkin spice."

11. "You know what you should be for Halloween? Mine."

12. "What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire? Frostbite."

13. "Orange you glad I'm a vampire for Halloween this year?"

14. "Doing this sweet thing called being a vampire."

15. "Roses are red, this vampire is going to bed."

16. "But first, let me be a little dramatic."

17. "Hey, don't vamp my style."

18. "Just so you know, life would really suck without you."

19. "Going to sink my fangs into all these sweet treats."

20. "Just suck it up."

21. "Sun's out, vampires in."

22. "Too cute to spook."

23. "Don't mind me. Just sinking my teeth into all this Halloween candy."

Unlike a vampire, be sure not to spend too long in bed on Halloween so you don't miss out on any of the fun and games. Whether you're simply watching scary movies at home with your BFFs or attending a party with punch — otherwise known as "witches brew" — you're going to want to be there dressed in your Halloween best. You're also going to want to post a few pics on social media with some of these captions.