24 Funny Tweets About FaceTime Dates That Sum Up The Awkward Struggle

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Going on your first FaceTime date is like losing your virginity — even if you've done your research and listened to your friends' advice, your first time can still be a fumbling, clumsy mess. What's even worse is when you put two FaceTime date virgins together and neither of them knows what they're doing. While virtual dates have the potential to go really well, they can also turn into a hilarious disaster, and these tweets about FaceTime dates perfectly sum up the awkwardness of coming face-to-face with a date for the first time through a pocket-sized screen.

Virtual dating is more popular than ever, but for some people, FaceTime dates haven't become any less awko-taco. IMO, all dates conducted via FaceTime should come with a dress code, list of discussion topics, and predetermined duration to avoid any unfortunate misunderstandings. It doesn't help that your date may be disturbed by any number of unwelcome surprises, such as glitchy Wi-Fi, loud neighbors, a cameo from your cat, or your mom yelling at you through your bedroom door to do the dishes. For those who've had a FaceTime date go off without a hitch, I applaud you. For everyone else, please enjoy these relatable tweets.

This Formal Invitation

"Greetings! I hope this email finds you well. I just sent you a Google Calendar invitation for a 4 p.m. appointment — er, I mean FaceTime date..."

This Self-Conscious Scene-Setting

If you don't have a poster hanging behind you on your first FaceTime date, then you shouldn't expect a second date. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

This Halfhearted Effort

Business in the front, party in the back.

This Hairy Problem

You can call me once you get that... situation on top of your head under control.

This Relatable Dilemma

Find me someone who looks good in a front-facing camera view. I dare you.

This Awkward Distraction

It's not my fault I'm too distracted by myself to pay attention to you.

This Senseless Issue

Ugh, can you even imagine falling for an onion man?

This Astrological Disaster

Why is this so accurate?

This Smart Scheduler

It's called time management. Look it up.

This Unspoken Rule

Anyone know?

This Etiquette Question

Makeup? Optional. Pants? Unnecessary.

This Good Point

Def one of the top three best things about FaceTime dates.

This Unnecessary Explanation

I'm going to have to ask you to slow your roll, sir.

This Mismatched Misunderstanding

Let's be real: These two were never going to work out.

This Distressing Dynamic

Ahem. Your dinner is getting cold, my dude.

This Understandable Confusion

"Um. Do you like... cheese?"

This Familiar Fight

Hey Wi-Fi: Can you please cooperate?

This Necessary Clarification

Pssst... Any time is fine.

This Suggestive Interaction

When in doubt, get the leopard print out.

This Unfortunate Discrepancy

I promise I used to be cute!

This Sad Fact

I don't know why getting stood up a virtual date hits harder, but it does.

This Reasonable Compromise

I was going to buy myself wine anyway, so this is really a win-win situation.

This Perplexing Excuse

Camera shy? LOL, bye.

This A+ Idea

10/10 would watch this. Get on it, @Netflix.

Anyone who knows how to have a FaceTime date that doesn't suck, please teach me your ways.

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