23 Captions For Polaroid Pics That'll Give You Instant Likes

Even though you have a camera on your phone that lets you take as many pics as possible whenever you please, there's something special about snapping a Polaroid picture. With no way of truly knowing what the picture will look like until it pops out of the camera, it always makes for a fun surprise. When you want to share those memories on Instagram, you may not be able to upload them directly, but you can take an artsy picture of your pictures and post with one of these captions for Polaroid pics.

I love seeing collages of instant pics laid out together on a cool table or backdrop. It shows the culmination of every cute and hilarious moment that film cartridge has seen. You've probably become so used to your camera phone and being able to take a million snaps until you find the right one. That's not the case with Polaroid pics. You have one shot, and even though it may not always be the best lighting or pose, it perfectly captures the memory.

I always bring my Instax mini instant camera to group hangouts with my friends. When the moment is right, I snap a group pic. Sometimes, the exposure isn't all that great or someone's blinking, but I think that adds more character to it.

When you want to share a Polaroid snap (or collage of snaps) on the 'Gram, all you need is the right caption to go along with it. That's where I come in with these 23 captions to choose from.

Rachel Chapman

1. "Falling in love should be like Polaroids... instant."

2. "Shake it like a Polaroid picture." — Outkast, "Hey Ya!"

3. "Candle wax and Polaroids on the hardwood floor." — Taylor Swift, "New Year's Day"

4. "Thank you for trusting me to capture these memories for you."

5. "No one ever takes a photograph of something they want to forget." — One Hour Photo

6. "This day will never happen again."

7. "A photograph is the pause button on life." — Ty Holland

8. "Live life. Take pictures. Relive the memories. Repeat."

9. "Polaroid it."

10. "Keep calm and say cheese."

11. "And they lived happily ever after."

12. "Traditional film takes integrity, nostalgia, effort, patience and imagination." — Rebecca McNutt


13. "Never want to stop making memories with you."

14. "You don't take a photograph, you make it." — Ansel Adams

15. "Collect moments, not things."

16. "The question is not what you look at, but what you see." — Henry David Thoreau

17. "Say you'll remember me." — Taylor Swift, "Wildest Dreams"

18. "Making sure these moments last forever."

19. "These are the moments I wanted to keep."

20. "We just got to take our time. Its like nothing really matters, so lets make this moment a crime." — The Format, "Let's Make This Moment A Crime"

21. "Captured moments."

22. "Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world." — Bruno Barbey

23. "Wish my eyes could take photos."