People Are Tweeting Weird Responses To "I Love You" & They're So, So Awkward

I remember the moment I realized I was in love with my boyfriend. I was terrified. There was absolutely no shot that I would let myself say it first. I mean, how could I be absolutely CERTAIN he felt the same way? What if he did something weird and, like, ran away or said, "Thank you," or "We're not really there yet," as soon as I said it? Luckily, he said it first, so none of my concerns came to fruition. However, these tweets about weird responses to I love you make me feel SO much better that he did say it first and that I did manage to blurt out, "I love you, too," instead of something really awkward.

When you're getting ready to tell the person you love that you love them for the first time, it's only natural to assume the worst is going to happen. Suddenly, your brain is flooded with images of Donna telling Eric she loves him for the first time in That '70s Show, only for him to respond with the totally cringeworthy, "I love cake," or Miranda's line in Sex and the City, where she proclaims you can "tell a man I hate you and have the best sex of your life, but tell him I love you and you'll probably never see him again." OK, well, maybe that's just me. But after my brain gets flooded with all of these scary images, I try to reassure myself by thinking, "It's OK! These are just TV shows! They're not real!"

Well, these tweets below just go to show that real life can actually be just as awkward as TV. So... yay. Basically, under the hashtag #WeirdResponsestoILoveYou, people shared the most awkward responses to those three words that you can think of, and, boy, did people deliver. Check out the painful responses below.

This person go-to response is with total confidence, and I respect it.

This person could not have cared less.

Yeah, running away is pretty awkward.

This is pretty much the opposite of total self-confidence.

Maybe ease up on the science here.

This person got thoroughly creeped out.

Is this what it's like to say I love you to a cop?

The classic "thank you" is honestly so weird.

This person responded with this face.

Use your surroundings as an easy distraction!

Yep, admitting you're still in love with your ex is definitely a weird one.

This person would say it back... but only for a price.

Ah, the classic millennial diss.

This person gave them the ultimate friend zone line.

This person told them to get over it.

If you say this, there's a 90 percent chance you are a robot.

Some people know "I love you" is just a ploy to change the subject.

Yep, if someone responded to my "I love you" with this GIF, that'd be pretty weird.

This person had fun with a little play on words.

Sometimes, you gotta look out for number one.

Or, you know, bolt ASAP.

Someone hold this person's beer, because they are outta here.

Yep, these were all pretty painful. But at the end of the day, I have mad respect for anyone who musters up the courage to say, "I love you," first. It takes a lot of strength and conviction to be able to say those three little words, and even more strength to be able to withstand not getting the response you were hoping for, especially responses like these. All in all, though, even if you don't get the response you were hoping for, at least you don't have to sit around wondering what could've been.

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