21 Winter Puns For Instagram That Are Snow Joke

There's nothing really funny about the cold, but for sanity's sake, we have to find the joke in everything. We are all suffering differently as we shovel heaps of snow or sit idly under a man-made mountain of blankets. All of the excitement is worth keeping track of, and those winter puns for Instagram will have people rollin' — and I don't mean into something warm and fluffy.

For many of us winter can be an utter nightmare, and the only way to get through the shady time is to laugh it off and sip down as many warm beverages as we possibly can. Laughter also creates warmth, so why not make an endless supply of it on your feed? Your followers will appreciate it. Trust me when I say that it can seem like these cold months are never going to end, and even though we know that they will, we still have to giggle at the agony. Like, does the sun even exist anymore? We need an explanation!

Yeah, complaining doesn't really get you anywhere, but since when has that kept us from voicing our frustrations on the Internet? That's what it's for, isn't it? The struggle is honestly way too real. Besides, the only thing worse than facing winter is feeling like you're the only one combating the cold. Social media gives us a chance to communicate with others sharing our winter blues, or get super jealous of people whose winter comprises of light rain showers, which shouldn't even count... not even a little bit.

These Instagram posts are also hilarious to look back at once spring rolls around and you're sipping on a Mai Tai on a warm beach. Those thoughts are keeping you optimistic right now. Soon enough, we'll all be like, "Winter who?" because it will be incredibly old news by then. You'll laugh at the idea that you thought the world was ending one snowflake at a time.

Winter has a way of bringing out the most pitiful emotions we can muster, because we genuinely do not know what to do when it's at its worst. If you plan on sharing your winter adventures you have to make those captions extra punny for the 'Gram.


When you have no intention of leaving the house...

1. "There's snowplace like home." — Unknown

2. "When my ice house falls apart igloo it back together." — Unknown

3. "The snuggle is real." — Unknown

4. "I have a cold, it's snot funny." — Unknown

5. "Snow happens weather you like it or not." — Unknown

For those "I'm totally over everything" pics...


6. "Snow happens." — Unknown

7. "You don't like my puns? How cold." — Unknown

8. "Sugar and ice and nothing is nice." — Unknown

9. "These wacky puns are snow laughing matter." — Unknown

10. "If you're alone and get too cold you might become ice-olated." — Unknown

11. "Those who experiment with thin ice will achieve a breakthrough." — Unknown

When you're staying warm with someone else...


12. "Let's chill." — Unknown

13. "Love at frost sight." — Unknown

14. "I only have ice for you." — Unknown

15. "I miss you snow much." — Unknown

16. "Your cuddling is un-brrr-lieveable." — Unknown

17. "Aww, c'mon, honey. Don't give me the cold shoulder." — Unknown

18. "I'm sorry for the things I said when it was winter." — Unknown

For all of your other winter needs...


19. "This cold weather better be adding to my slush fund." — Unknown

20. "Walking in a winter punderland." — Unknown

21. "Cold weather? Oh, it's definitely snow problem." — Unknown

There's no hiding from winter, but at least you can laugh your way through the pain. This too shall pass, my very bundled up friends, and we will be warm sometime again.