A happy woman wearing a scarf and puffer jacket laughs in the snow on a winter day.

21 Winter Puns For Instagram That You'll Glove Very Much

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There's nothing fun about shoveling snow or leaving your cozy bed on a particularly cold morning. If you’re already tired of winter, one way to switch things up is by posting a silly picture of yourself doing a cold weather activity on the ‘gram and pairing it with a good pun. Sure, some puns can be cheesy, but grabbing any of these clever winter puns for Instagram can really spruce up your feed this season.

The best captions are the ones that make your friends LOL. So, while you’re enjoying a hot cocoa bomb by a roaring fire, post a funny selfie with a little whipped cream on your nose, and caption it, “I like this situation a choco-lot.” Or, the next time you head outside with your roommates to build a snowman, pair your picture with something punny like, “Nobody’s cooler than this dude.” You’re sure to get lots of likes by using a winter pun for your caption and will be ready to post even more pun-filled content.

While staging clever poses might take extra time, at least you won’t have to think of captions to post with them. These winter puns can inspire you with fresh ideas of photos to take while enjoying wintry backyard activities, baking creations, or even Netflix plans in your pjs. So, go ahead and make this a winter to remember by posting some of these puns in the most entertaining way.

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1. "In the winter, we are nice princesses."

2. "Chill out."

3. “I like this situation a choco-lot.”

4. “Nobody’s cooler than this dude.”

5. "Snow happens weather you like it or not."

6. "Cookie baking in the making."

7. "To boldly go where snowman has gone before."

8. "Sometimes, you’ve just got to freeze the day!"

9. "It’s un-brr-lieveably beautiful out here."

10. "Say it ain’t snow."

11. "You snow it to yourself to make the best of winter."

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12. "Let's chill like this forever."

13. "It was love at frost sight.”

14. "I only have ice for you."

15. "I’ve got a slush on you."

16. "Walking in a winter punderland."

17. "An icicle made for two."

18. "Glove you."

19. "It was mitten in the stars that today was going to be a good day."

20. "Just snowing off."

21. "Cold weather? That’s snow problem."

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