21 Tweets About National Coming Out Day That Are So Full Of Joy & Pride

Thursday, Oct. 11, is National Coming Out Day. All around the world, people are sharing their stories, where they're currently at in their queer journeys, and posting support for others who cannot be visibly out, for whatever reason. There are a ton of tweets about National Coming Out Day 2018 — in fact, it's currently the number one trending topic on Twitter.

Stars like Sara Ramirez, who plays Callie Torres on Grey's Anatomy and Kat Sandoval on Madam Secretary — both bisexual characters, with Ramirez being an out bisexual woman herself — have come forward online to show their support to the queer community on National Coming Out Day. People with star power like Ramirez wield their influence to show others, maybe those who are struggling with coming out themselves, that your own timeline and comfort with yourself is all that matters when it comes to coming out.

Anecdotes from married couples who came out decades ago, to charities that fight for queer rights and safety every day, show that no queer person is ever alone. In honor of the holiday, I rounded up some of the best tweets celebrating National Coming Out Day. Check out some of my favorites, below.

This Is What The Holiday Is Really About
raymondbraun on Twitter

So true.

Whatever You Choose To Do, Be In Or Out, Is Up To You
cmclymer on Twitter

And you are loved and accepted in this community regardless of your "coming out" status.

Never Out Someone
gabebergado on Twitter

And yes, nachos are important.

There's Not A Deadline For Coming Out
ellle_em on Twitter

Whenever you feel safe enough and comfortable to do so, that is the right time for you.

Some Little Reminders For People
nikogonz1 on Twitter

We're continuously coming out forever as long as straight is the norm. It is a process.

Take Your Time To Do What's Best For You
pfpicardi on Twitter

You'll have a community welcoming you when you do decide to come out, if that is something you want to do in the future.

I Am All For A Vacation Day
junodawson on Twitter

Who's packing the beach towels?

I'd Like To Hold A "Coming Out" Meeting
richardhp on Twitter

Everyone I know, past, present, and future, in a room, now.

An Important Message From Britain's Queer Charity
stonewalluk on Twitter

Thank you for the work you do.

Evergreen Reminder That Bisexual People Are Valid
jeansthoughts on Twitter

Bisexuality is its own sexuality, thank you very much!

What A Beautiful Response
ethanldn on Twitter

But really, what is for dessert?

You Don't Have To Come Out If You Don't Want To
counsellingkaz on Twitter

Wouldn't it be wonderful if heterosexuality wasn't assumed?

Kristen Knows What's Up
divamagazine on Twitter

"I'm like, so gay, dude."

If You're In The Process Of Coming Out, Consider The Following
pringster78 on Twitter


You'll Have Tons Of Other Queer Experiences Beyond Just Coming Out
cerianjenkins on Twitter

That's important to remember.

Coming Out Is *Your* Moment
lukewaltham on Twitter

All of its circumstances, when, where, to whom — is up to you.

Everyone Has A Unique Coming Out Experience
arun_smith on Twitter

If it isn't the best experience, don't be discouraged.

Remember That You (And Your Happiness) Matters
shannonomac on Twitter

"I exist, I matter, this is my truth."

Thank You Sara Ramirez For The Representation
sararamirez on Twitter

Now please come back to Grey's Anatomy. We need #Calzona back TYSM.

It's Important To Also Provide Support To Those Who May Not Have Other Resources
afspnational on Twitter

Here are some numbers to help any LGBTQIA+ people in need.

Repping Sorority Letters And The Pride Flag?
cosmicthirdeyee on Twitter


So today, on National Coming Out Day, be mindful of supporting all of those in the community. Celebrate queer people who bravely come out, possibly in the face of major rejection from those they love, and support those who are quietly fighting to be who they are and are not able to publicly do so. Every queer person is valid, no matter their circumstance. Happy National Coming Out Day. ‎️‍🌈

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