21 TV Show Quotes About Love That’ll Put You In Your Feelings

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One of the very best parts of watching TV is all the "shipping" that comes with your favorite on-screen couples. Nothing beats the satisfaction of watching the "ship" to come to fruition, especially when you've been waiting for it for years. Whether you want to get swept up in the escapism of a TV romance or you just love watching people fall in love, your favorite fictional couples — and the iconic TV show quotes about love that come from them — can teach you so many valuable lessons.

Maybe you won't get to travel through time to find your soulmate (cough, cough, Outlander) or fight evil monsters from the Upside Down with your high school sweetheart (looking at you, Stranger Things). There's a better chance you'll fall in love with a hot co-worker, school crush, or a best friend that was by your side all along. Still, even the most ridiculously drama-filled or supernatural TV shows can tug at your heartstrings like nothing else can.

Whether you're dreaming of being smitten in Pawnee, swooning on the Upper East Side, or squeezing in some time for romance at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, here are 21 TV show quotes about love that will put you in your feels.

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