These DIY Nancy & Jonathan ‘Stranger Things’ Halloween Costumes Are Adorbs


The couples costume is a time-honored Halloween tradition, alongside scary movie marathons and bowls of chalky candy corn. There are plenty of directions you go in with it. You can do punny costumes (think "Netflix and Chill" or "Green with Envy") if you want to show off your funny side. If you're more into classic romance, then you might want to look for inspiration in history's greatest love stories, like Cleopatra and Mark Antony. But, if you're a pop culture junkie, then you'll want to turn to TV for your costume ideas. These DIY Nancy and Jonathan Stranger Things Halloween costumes are probably exactly what you're looking for.

Nancy and Jonathan are about as cute a couple as they come. After building up the romantic tension between them for a season and a half, the Stranger Things writers finally brought them together in Season 2. Fans got the full Jancy experience in Season 3 with them working side by side during their summer internships at The Hawkins Post. Not only are Nancy and Jonathan a cute couple, but the actors who play them — Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton — are actually dating in real life too. That just makes all these Nancy and Jonathan Halloween costumes even cuter. These options highlight moments from all three seasons of Stranger Things, so you can find the right look to channel the exact Nancy and Jonathan look you want.

The Demogorgon-Hunting Outfits


This is a classic Stranger Things moment, when Nancy and Jonathan first team up in Season 1 to help their younger siblings defeat the Demogorgon. Of course, in order to do so, they need to practice defending themselves, which brings them to a field where they rock a very autumnal look. If your Halloween is going to be a cold one, this costume offers the perfect combo of fun and utility; you can dress up as Nancy and Jonathan while also staying warm in layers.

Nancy rocks an adorable fur-lined jacket along with a buttoned-up shirt that hints at her preppy style.

Just like Nancy, Jonathan layers up in a light jacket and some classic plaid.

The Secret Meeting Looks


In Season 2, Nancy and Jonathan teamed up for more demon-hunting, and they had lots of secret park bench meetings in order to do so. Channel all their pseudo-spy energy with these costumes.

Nancy's timeless camel coat is not only perfect for her sleuthing, but it's also an adorable addition to your outfits year-round.

Jonathan and his family are usually on a budget, so it makes sense that he seems to be wearing the same jacket in this scene that he wore during the Demogorgon-hunting scene. Pair that with a few more layers, and you've got another classic Jonathan outfit.

The Summer Internship Style

In Season 3, Nancy and Jonathan take on internships in journalism: Nancy as a writer and Jonathan as a photographer. Their jobs don't go as well as they hope, but your Halloween costumes can still be perfect.

For Nancy's office look, you can tease your hair into a nice 1980s frizz and go pretty heavy on the eye makeup. One cosplay company has already made a version of Nancy's work dress, so you can pick it up directly from them if you want.

If you'd like to go more of the DIY route, you can find a purple dress, cut out the square design, and use some fabric paint to create the blue stripe at the bottom.

Jonathan has some pretty conservative workwear, but one way you can jazz it up is by bringing along a camera. After all, Jonathan wouldn't be caught without his camera, so you shouldn't be either.

If you're looking for more inspiration, you can watch all of Stranger Things on Netflix now.