Pinterest's 2018 Travel Trends Reveal People Are Really Sweet On This Type Of Trip

Wanderlust means there's a huge part of you that wishes it could live vicariously through a map with ease. The deep desire to explore the world will always have such a powerful hold on you. Learning about what travelers are interested in doing or have already done fuels that fire in you even more — and it really comes in handy when you're able to actually get out and explore. The 2018 travel trends on Pinterest have been revealed, and they'll make you want to pack your bags and contribute to the stats, ASAP.

People may be pinning their travel dreams, but they're also sending hopeful travelers like yourself on many new adventures. There are countless amounts of hacks and tricks in regards to traveling, and you may never feel like you've learned them all. Falling into Pinterest limbo — when you can't stop re-pinning and sharing — is so worth it if it means you mentally sketch your ideal travel goals in the process.

Trends continue to evolve, and when it comes to traveling, it couldn't hurt to stay on top of what's considered an ultimate dreamy vacay. Pinterest never fails to impress the masses, so this year's travel trends will only make you want to pack your bags sooner rather than later, and hightail it to new adventures.

Who To Travel With
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You might assume that people regard traveling as an opportunity to connect with the peeps they came with. Well, adventure has taken a slightly different turn it seems. According to the 2018 travel report released by the Pinterest team, solo adventure re-pins have increased by a vast 593 percent. Traveling can still be so satisfying if you're journeying alone, so you just might want to add that to this year's bucket list!

The Type Of Getaway People Are Sweet On
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People are not only basking in the ambiance of their vacation, but they're looking to sip it, too. According to Pinterest, wine trips are seriously trending. People are interested in hitting vineyards and wineries all over the world. It's always wine o'clock somewhere, and people are willing to travel to new places to fill their glasses. Wine not, am I right?

How To Get There
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Travel can seem like such a vague word when you consider all of the possible ways to reach your destination. From land to air, you'll see places from different perspectives — which is why you'll want to change it up every once in awhile.

The Pinterest team's data reveals that people are really interested in train travel. It's a convenient way to evade big cities and soak up a scenic view of the place you're in. But land isn't the only avenue travelers are interested in exploring. Another form of transportation has seen a slight spike in the Pinterest report as well. All types of boating are trending, so it's time to hit the high seas.

What To Do
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Almost as exciting as the opportunity to take a little vacay, are the things you intend to do in this new place. Being active on vacation seems to be a trend among travelers. According to Pinterest, interest in bike tours has increased, and surf classes are also catching people's interest in international hot spots. Pedaling and paddling are making a come-up in the travel world.

The Duration Of The Trip
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Finding time to travel can be a real hassle, but if the clock doesn't work with you, you work with it. Folks are taking any opportunity they can to feed their want to travel.

Pinterest's stats show that long-weekend getaways expanded by 167 percent, and short-but-sweet stopover trips grew by 90 percent. In other words, travelers don't want to let their wanderlust sit idly; they're seizing the day.

Consider travel trends when your wanderlust could use a little guidance on where to start. As long as your heart is the compass and the map is your stride, traveling will be so worthwhile.