The 2018 Pinterest Wedding Trends Are Here & Brides Everywhere Are Falling In Love

Brides-to-be and hopeful romantics alike have spoken (or pinned, rather) by creating wedding boards that are seriously swoon-worthy. Pinterest allows you to envision your idea of the perfect wedding by simply dragging and pinning items like your fairy tale dress and the table decor, so that you can create major inspo for your big day. That endless amount of pinning means stats and reports that let you know what's hot for wedding cravings this year. Well, the 2018 Pinterest wedding trends have finally arrived — and one pin at a time, people from around the world have voiced what they deem to be admirable qualities for an amazing wedding.

If you're a bride and haven't sought out Pinterest for help, save yourself a few headaches and head over to this incredible site. There are plenty of ladies in your position trying to make their vision of a special day come to life. People use Pinterest for everything these days — but it's no mystery that it is a tremendous aid in planning out every single detail of a magical wedding. Thanks to the loyal traffic flow of wedding enthusiasts pinning on the site, trends can be tracked by Pinterest and relayed to the public. We are beyond #blessed, and this year's wedding trends will surely not disappoint.

Wedding Dress Colors
thecrystaloflo1 on Twitter

A shade of white might be the assumed choice for the bride, but recent trend stats on Pinterest reveal people are opting for a couple of other options. Ladies are ready to trade in the traditional white for a sweet and soft rose color, or a champagne colored gown. According to the wedding report released by the Pinterest team, the re-pins for champagne dresses have actually increased by a whopping 358 percent. White isn't for everyone, and these two shades are undeniably glamorous and eye-catching.

Wedding Hairdos
ryshair on Twitter

Oh, the hair. While every hair texture is different and beautiful in its own way, Pinterest managed to ring in a shared consensus about what brides would love to slay on their wedding day. According to Pinterest, the picturesque, messy updo is a fan favorite. In my opinion, a well-planned (but also, not-so-much planned) messy hair bun really works wonders for any occasion.

Beautiful hair combs and soft waves with side parts also made the top trends list, and it's clear as to why. It's obvious that wedding hair this year is going to be downright stunning.

Wedding Entrances
zoomtheory on Twitter

Even down to the grand wedding entrances, Pinterest has reported some pretty interesting trends. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with Disney.

Pinterest users have been increasingly intrigued by unique entrance ideas, like sailing in on a sailboat or sliding right in via scooter. Yes, you read that scooter part correctly. The Pinterest team's data shows that unique entrances are really making waves. Apparently, ladies want their arrivals to be unforgettable by water, or by land.

Wedding Cakes
estate_chicago on Twitter

Presentation and taste are both key factors in choosing your wedding cake. Pinterest has discovered that weddings might be ditching the pillars and towers and resorting to other more creative, nontraditional, and tasty options. Yummy fig cakes, cool touches of metallic, and a minimum amount of white frosting are leading the way for cake appeal this year.

Wedding Makeup
soper_photo on Twitter

Wedding makeup trends on Pinterest are proving that ladies are really embracing the elegance, without having to sit for hours in a chair getting glammed up. Convenient lip gloss and a subtle shine reflected prevailing percentages in Pinterest's stats. Lip gloss is so amazing, because reapplying is simple and not a hassle to carry with you. Not every makeup trend is keeping it minimal, though. Re-pins of long, lavish lashes were also on the rise.

You can take note of the trends, but ultimately, you are the beacon of light on your wedding day. Make it everything you have always dreamed of, because it's your time to shine.