Here Are All Your Favorites That Were Snubbed By The 2018 Golden Globes


With so many great television shows and movies in 2017, it's hard to recognize every amazing release. After the Hollywood Foreign Press revealed their 2018 Golden Globe nominations on Monday morning, there were still a number of TV fans upset to see some great shows left out in the cold. Sure, Big Little Lies and The Handmaid's Tale got a lot of love, but they were definitely not the only excellent television shows to air in 2017! Not to mention moviegoers shocked to see some of their favorite movies of the year totally left out of the awards season action.

Check out this list of some of the shows and movies that were snubbed by the Golden Globes this year, and try to decide which one you are most upset about:

The Leftovers

Come on!! How much more do I (and everyone else) have to scream about the heartbreaking, gorgeous final season of The Leftovers for it to get some awards season love? The Leftovers already got shut out by the Emmys earlier this year, and now the Golden Globes too? Nora Durst did not travel across dimensions for this.

Wonder Woman

Perhaps the most glaring snub of the year, Wonder Woman soared to incredible heights this year thanks to a strong lead in Gal Gadot and masterful direction by Patty Jenkins, but the superhero flick got completely shut out of every category at the Golden Globes. Most fans were expecting Gadot and Jenkins to score a nom, if not the movie overall going up for an award, but that did not happen at all.

Jane The Virgin

After being nominated the past three years, Jane The Virgin fans were disappointed the show wasn't nominated for anything this year. The CW hit first aired in 2014 and Gina Rodriguez, the star of the show, has been a constant nominee since the show's birth. In 2015, she took home the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy. So, it makes sense that fans felt shaded by this year's snub.

The Big Sick

There has been a notable lack of rom-coms in Hollywood for a while now, but Kumail Nanjiani fixed that this year with his sweet, funny, based-on-a-true-story gem of a film The Big Sick. The movie seemed like a perfect fit for the Best Comedy category at the Golden Globes, but I guess the Hollywood Foreign Press didn't agree.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The Golden Globes rightfully awarded Rachel Bloom the Best Actress award when her musical dramedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend first premiered three years ago, and the show has reached new heights in its third season. Now exploring some of its darkest and boldest topics yet (mental illness and suicide), Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has nevertheless continued to balance artfully crafted drama with inventive comedy and catchy original music. So why no Golden Globe noms, huh!?

The Good Place

The Good Place, in my opinion, is the most genuinely original and excitingly unpredictable shows on the air right now. Its first season was fun, but it wasn't until it completely flipped the script with one of the most shocking season finales in sitcom history that it really caught the attention of viewers. In Season 2, the show has kept that unpredictability alive with even more delicious twists, turns, and of course, jokes. It definitely deserved some recognition.

Beauty And The Beast

This tale as old as time won't be taking home any Golden Globes this year. Although the live-action Beauty And The Beast Disney remake took over the box office when it was in theaters, it was an underdog heading into the Golden Globes. Since it aired back in March, tons of other films in the Musical/Comedy genre have made their way onto the scene, and the Disney classic just didn't make the cut.